Low Moor Explosion::

On Monday 21st August 1916 an explosion at the Low Moor Munitions Company resulted in 40 deaths. A new book "Yellow Poppies" has been produced by Low Moor Local History Group along with an augmented reprint of Ronald Blackwells' 1987 book "Low Moor Explosion. An explanation?" For more details see HERE.


Below is what is believed to be a comprehensive list of the dead following new research by Mary Twentyman and Barbara Reardon of SBLHA

Ref Name Surname Occ Cat Age Occuation No Address Area Address 2 Town County
Ref First Name Surname Occ Cat Age Occupation No Address 1 Area Address 2 Town County
1 William ASQUITH Munitions 37 Works Foreman 199 New Works Road Low Moor   Bradford Yks
2 Joseph Edmund BINNS Fireman 29 Fireman Central 8 Central Fire Station   Nelson Street Bradford Yks
3 Herbert BRIGGS Munitions 31 Joiner 4 Back Lane Bierley   Bradford Yks
4 Martha BRIGGS Public 59 Wife of Joseph Briggs Foreman Died from shock 1 Kellett Buildings Wyke   Bradford Yks
5 Herbert William BROSKHAM Munitions 34 Chemical Works Still Man 824 Huddersfield Road Wyke Wyke Bank Bradford Yks
6 Eli BUCKLEY Fireman 29 Fireman Central 5 Central Fire Station     Bradford Yks
7 Ernest BUTLER Munitions 24 Pipe fitter 15 De Gray Street     Bradford Yks
8 Harry CLAYTON Munitions 29 Picric Acid Worker 5 New Biggin Row Low Moor   Bradford Yks
9 Frederick CLEGG Munitions 26 Yardman 13 345 Bowling Old Lane     Bradford Yks
10 Willie COATES Munitions 35 Chem Works Lab 2 New Works Road Low Moor   Bradford Yks
11 Bentham CORNWELL Munitions 25 Blacksmith's Striker 4 New Works Road Low Moor   Bradford Yks
12 John DOBSON Munitions 27 Picric Acid Worker   Town Street     Birkenshaw Yks
13 George FIELD Munitions 41 Chemical Works Pump Man 60 Wakefield Road     Brighouse Yks
14 Maurice HAINSWORTH Dyer 17 Dyers Labourer 12 Hardy Street Scholes   Cleckheaton Yks
15 Percy HOPKINSON Munitions 24 Stillman 7 Kitchener Street Oakenshaw   Bradford Yks
16 Squire JAGGER Munitions 43 Carter   Upper Woodcock Northowram   Halifax Yks
17 William Henry JAY Munitions 35 Boiler Firer 1 Morpath Street Charlestown   Halifax Yks
18 Cecil Victor LANDON Munitions 38 Picric Acid Worker 12 Bonwell Court   Peel Street Bradford Yks
19 John MAJERUS Munitions 54 Manager 700 Woodview Terrace Wyke   Bradford Yks
20 John MCHUGH Munitions 42 Pipefitter 1 Wood Place White Abbey   Bradford Yks
21 Mark MURPHY Munitions 35 Picric Acid Worker Charge Hand 139 Grafton Street     Bradford Yks
22 Fred NORMINGTON Fireman 38 Fireman Odsal 2 Odsal Fire Station Odsal   Bradford Yks
23 Thomas PEDLEY Munitions 47 Yardman 14 Tivoli Place     Bradford Yks
24 Knighton PRIDMORE Fireman 48 Fireman Central 18 Central Fire Station     Bradford Yks
25 Harold REVELEY Policeman 35 Policeman Acting Sergent 698 Wakefield Road     Bradford Yks
26 Edgar SHAW Fireman 24 Fireman Central 9 Central Fire Station     Bradford Yks
27 George SLATER Munitions 41 Chemical Works Labourer 9 Sunny Bank Wyke   Bradford Yks
28 Tom SMITH Dyer 53 Dyers Labourer   East Croft Wyke   Bradford Yks
29 William Henry STONE Munitions 25 Fitter 7 Rawson Street Wyke   Bradford Yks
30 Charles SUGDEN Fireman 44 Officer Odsal District Fire Satation   Odsal District Fire Station Odsal   Bradford Yks
31 George SUTCLIFFE Munitions 70 Dining Room Attendant 16 Wesley Place Low Moor   Bradford Yks
32 Guy Langton TILLOTSON Munitions 26 Chemist 10 Alfred Street     Brighouse Yks
33 Henry Richard TUNKS Other 38 Sheet Metal Worker acting fireman 12 Erwood Street     Newton Heath Lancs
34 *A male person UNKNOWN Munitions                
35 Frank VAN DENDER Munitions 25 Munitiopns Worker 11 Wilson Road Wyke   Bradford Yks
36 Sam WADE Munitions 29 Carter 14 Pyrah Street Wyke   Bradford Yks
37 Charles WEST Munitions 35 Charge Man 6 Cartgate Bankfoot   Bradford Yks
38 Ernest WOLFENDALE Munitions 30 Chemical Works Still Man 15 Carr Lane Bottom Low Moor   Bradford Yks
39 James WOLFENDEN Dyer 43 Dyers Labourer 245 Hollings Road     Bradford Yks
40 *Thomas WOODFINE Munitions 30 Mason's Labourer 16 Hill Top Fold Low Moor   Bradford Yke
41 Benjamin WOODWARD Munitions 31 Picric Acid Worker 13 Wilson Road Wyke   Bradford Yks


This information has been taken from Death Certificates. It is probable that the unknown man was Thomas Woodfine, for whom there was an Accident Report saying the outcome had been fatal.