Pepper, Lee & Co Ltd. Wyke

This list comes from a booklet produced on the retirement of Mr G H Pepper (Managing Director) 30th September 1942 Pepper, Lee and Co Ltd 25, Bolton Road and Wike Mills, Wyke, Bradford and Popplewell and Ingham Ltd. 23 Bolton Road and Prospect Mills, Dudley Hill, Bradford.

The booklet contains speeches made at various presentations to Mr Pepper and lists of staff who attended In the Key column is an A. B or C.

The following descriptions quote the circumstances of each gathering.

Those marked A attended when "The whole combined warehouse staffs of Pepper, Lee & Co Ltd and Popplewell & Ingham Ltd., assembled in the Canteen at 25, Bolton Road on Tuesday October 13th 1942 at 3.30pm in the afternoon to bid farewell to Mr Pepper, their revered Chief, and to present to him a Sporting Gun as a token of their esteem and good wishes: The attendance included the following, whose years of service are shown after their names."

Those marked B attended "A pleasant yet regretful little ceremony at Prospect Mill, Dudley Hill on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 29th 1942. All employees were assembled in the Piece Room at 4.30pm. The attendance included the following, whose years of service are shown after their names."

Those marked C attended "A gathering of all employees, held at the Warping Dept at Wike Mills, on Tuesday morning September 29th"

Those marked W could not attend as they were away on War Service.

Key Firm Title Name Surname Dept. Years Service
B P&I Miss A Ackroyd Burler 23
C PL   H V Ainley Taker In 18
C PL Miss E Atkinson Weaving Dept 22
C PL Mrs C Bailey Weaving Dept 15
C PL Miss A Barker Weaving Dept 21
W PL Private K Barker General Service Corps  
C PL Mrs A J Barraclough Burling Dept 33
C PL Mrs A M Barraclough Weaving Dept 12
W PL A B H Barraclough R.N.V.R. (Reported Missing)  
C PL   H Barraclough Weftman 27
C PL   F Bell Warp Twister 22
C PL Miss M Bentley Weaving Dept 12
C PL Miss N Bentley Weaving Dept 18
B P&I Mrs   Boocock Weaver 12
C PL Mrs I Booth Burling Dept 10
W PL Private L Bower R.A.M.C.  
C PL   R Bower Warp Twister 27
W PL Private N Bradley R.A.O.C.  
C PL   S Briggs Shed Manager 28
C PL Mrs E A Broadley Burling Dept 15
W PL Corporal W Bromley R.A.O.C.  
C PL   A A Brooke Weaving Overlooker 12
C PL Miss A Brown Burling Dept 22
W PL Signaller A E Brown R.N.V.R.  
C PL Miss E Brown Weaving Dept 15
C PL Miss Edith Brown Warping Dept 17
C PL   H Brown Foreman Warping Dept 18
C PL Miss M Burrell Weaving Dept 22
W PL A B W Burrell R.N.V.R.  
B P&I Mrs   Burton Weaver 11
W PL L A C H Butcher R.A.F.  
C PL Mrs A Butler Weaving Dept 18
C PL Mrs M Carter Weaving Dept 24
W PL Driver E Conroy R.A.S.C.  
W PL A.C. 2 J Cooper R.A.F.  
C PL Miss M Coward Warping Dept 18
A   N Cowton Pattern Room 21
W PL Signalman H Crawshaw R.C.S.  
W PL Private L Crewe Y and L Regiment  
A   W S Crossley Eastern Dept 21
W PL A. C. 2 J Crowther R.A.F.  
C PL   S H Crowther Weaving Overlooker 14
B P&I Mrs B Deacon Burler 15
B P&I Mrs E Denning Burler 15
A   C Dewhurst Pattern Room 17
C PL Mrs K Dewis Burling Dept 11
W PL L A C A Dews R.A.F.  
W PL Gunner G Downs R.A.  
W PL Driver A Driver R.A.S.C.  
C PL   H C Driver Mechanic 26
W PL Signalman J Driver R.C.S.  
B P&I Miss B Ellis Weaver 27
B P&I Miss V Ellis Weaver 28
A   B England Grey Room 17
C PL Mrs F Flathers Warping Dept 23
A   George Foggden Making Up 19
C PL   G Fox Shed Foreman 17
C PL Miss G Garside Weaving Dept 29
W PL L. Corporal Ida Geldard A.T.S.  
C PL Mrs E Gibson Weaving Dept 11
W PL L A C F Gibson R.A.F.  
A Miss Dorothy Gill Burling Dept 18
B P&I Miss E Gillatt Burler 18
B P&I Mrs A Gledhill Burler 13
W PL Signalman F R Goodship R.C.S.  
C PL Mrs A E Greenough Weaving Dept 20
A   B Greenwood Director 27
B P&I   E Greenwood Weaving Overlooker 17
C PL   H Greenwood Foreman Twisting Dept 33
A Mrs   Haley Burling Dept 18
W PL L. Corporal E P Hardy R.A.P.C.  
B P&I   J W Harker Warp Twister 13
C PL   N Harrison Warp Twister 15
W PL Gunner J A Hellewell R.A. (Prisoner of War)  
W PL Gunner E Hemmingway R.A.  
A   S Heron Director 34
W PL L. Corporal A C Holmes C.M.P.  
W PL Sgt J R Holmes Y and L Regiment  
W PL Corporal S A Holt R.A.F.  
C PL Mrs E A Horsley Burling Dept 27
A   A E Hubbard Making Up 17
B P&I   S Hull Weft Man 18
C PL Miss M Ingham Weaving Dept 10
A Mrs   Jenkinson Burling Dept 21
W PL Corporal L Jones R.A.F.  
B P&I Mrs M Jones Burler 16
C PL Mrs E Kettlewell Weaving Dept 15
B P&I Miss C Lawley Weaver 10
A   Edward Lee Pattern Room 18
C PL Mrs Ada Lightowler Warping Dept 13
C PL Miss Annie Lightowler Warping Dept 24
W PL Driver R W Lincoln R.A.S.C.  
A   V W Lintin Counting House 19
C PL Miss A Lister Weaving Dept 12
W PL Gunner C Locker R.A.  
W PL L A C F Lownds R.A.F.  
C PL Miss H Lumb Burling Dept 29
C PL   R Mallinson Foreman Weftman 20
W PL A C 2 A Mawson R.A.F.  
W PL ACW 2 Ethel McCauley W.A.A.F.  
W PL Signalman H Meredith R.A.  
C PL   R Miller Weaving Overlooker 10
W PL Bombadier H W Muff R.A.  
W PL P O H S Newsome R.A.F.  
W PL Corporal J Newstead R.A.F.  
W PL A C 1 E North R.A.F.  
C PL Miss J Oldfield Burling Dept 29
W PL Private H Orme Pioneer Corps  
W PL Signalman S Orme R.C.S.  
W PL Gunner T H Orme East Yorks Regiment  
B P&I Mrs   Padgett Weaver 10
C PL Miss E Parish Weaving Dept 28
C PL Miss Amy Parkinson Burling Dept 32
W PL Lieutenant F C Pepper R.N.V.R.  
W PL Lieut Col H G Pepper R.A.  
A   A J Perret Shiping Clerk 26
A   L Pollard Stock Room 29
A Mrs L Pollard Burling Dept 16
W PL L A C A Preston R.A.F.  
W PL Trooper A H Priestley R.A.C.  
W PL A C 2 M Priestley R.A.F.  
W PL Gunner E Raistrick R.A.  
W PL Gunner B Rawnsley R.A.  
W PL A C W Marjorie Read W.A.A.F.  
B P&I Mrs R Readshaw Weaver 10
B P&I   E Redfearn Foreman Twister 21
B P&I Mrs   Redfearn Weaver 12
C PL Miss S E Rhodes Weaving Dept 30
A   F C Richardson Cashier 20
W PL Bombadier M Roberts Liaison Reg  
W PL Act Corporal C L Rouse R.A.F.  
W PL Captain E Schofield Pioneer Corps  
C PL Miss Alice Scott Weaving Dept 30
C PL   A Shaw Weaving Overlooker 20
W PL Sgt C H Shepherd R.A.F.  
W PL Gunner R Smith R.A.  
W PL Trooper H L Stretton R.T.R.  
A   R Sucksmith Designing Dept 17
C PL Miss E Sugden Weaving Dept 19
C PL Mrs A E Thornton Weaving Dept 28
B P&I Mrs B Thornton Burler 23
C PL   W Thornton Warp Twister 18
A   E Thwaites Progress Clerk 27
B P&I   H Tidswell Warp Twister 21
A   A Tillotson Worsted Dept 16
A Miss Edith Tipping Counting House 21
C PL Mrs A Tordoff Warping Dept 11
W PL Private Edna Tordoff A.T.S.  
W PL Trooper J Townsend R.A.C.  
A   R Townsend Pattern Room 25
C PL   F Travis Warp Dresser 31
A   H Tyler Lining Dept 25
W PL Gunner R S Viney R.A.  
W PL Private L Walker 7th Manchester Reg  
W PL Lance Sgt R T Walshe R.C.S.  
C PL Mrs A A Ward Weaving Dept 10
W PL Lance Cpl J A Ward R.A.O.C.  
A   A W Waterhouse Company Secretary 8
W PL A C 2 A C Watmough R.A.F.  
B P&I Miss E Watson Weaver 10
C PL Miss S E Watson Weaving Dept 24
A   C Weatherall Pattern Room 18
A   A Wilkinson Pattern Room 34
C PL Miss Amy Wilkinson Weaving Dept 14
C PL Miss E Wilkinson Weaving Dept 28
C PL Miss E J Wilkinson Weaving Dept 30
B P&I   G Wilkinson Manager 23
C PL Miss Lucy Wilkinson Weaving Dept 30
A   G H Wilson Worsted Dept 12
A Miss Ida Winterburn Burling Dept 16
A   C W Wood Mill Office 21
W PL L A C K Wood R.A.F.  
C PL   F Woodhead Warp Twister 19