North Bierley Township poll for Knights of the Shire 1848


This is the North Bierley Polling District for the West Riding Election for a Knight of the Shire for the West Ridiing of Yorkshire, in the room of Lord Viscount Morpeth (suceeded to the peerage as Earl of Carlisle) on Thursday and Friday, Dec 14th and 15th 1848.

Candidates Edmund Denison Esquire and Sir Culling Eardley Eardley Baronet.

Compiled by T Flint Esq, Leeds and published by George Crosby, 20 Queen's Place. 1849

The requirement to vote at that time was that you must own or hold a minimum 60 year lease on land to a minimum value of £10 or be paying a rent at £50 per annum

The ballot was a public affair and lists like the one we have transcribed below were later published.

A 1 indicates a vote for Dennison (Conservative - who won the seat) or a 2 for Eardley (Liberal). We presume a blank after a name means no vote was cast.


Name Surname Residence No. Notes
John ASQUITH Furnace inn 1  
Benjamin ATACK Low moor 1  
Abm BAIRSTOW Brown royd hill top 1  
Paul BAIRSTOW Little Horton lane 1  
William BAMFORD Carr lane 1  
Abraham BARRACLOUGH Hedge end 1  
Ben BARRACLOUGH Moorfield, Slack 2  
Charles BARRACLOUGH Woodside 1  
F BARRACLOUGH Wibsey town end 2  
John BARRACLOUGH Shelf 1  
John BARRACLOUGH Low moor    
John BARRACLOUGH Wibsey bank top 2  
John BARRACLOUGH Slack bottom 1  
John BARRACLOUGH Low moor side 1  
Jonas BARRACLOUGH Buttershaw 2  
Joshua BARRACLOUGH Horton 1  
Sam BARRACLOUGH Fiddler hill farm 1  
William BARRACLOUGH Low moor 1  
William BARRACLOUGH Moor top 1  
Peter BASTOW Buttershaw 1  
Daniel jun BATEMAN Horton 2  
James BATEMAN Park house 2  
John BATEMAN Wibsey 1  
Samuel BATEMAN Croft house    
James BENTLEY Lower Woodlands 2  
Dan BEST Fiddler hill farm 1  
Matthew BEST Fiddler hill farm 1  
John BIRKLY Row nook 1  
David BOLLAND Lower woodlands 2  
John BOLLAND do Wike 2  
Timothy BOLLAND Upper do do 2  
John BOLTON Low moor 1  
Charles BOOCOCK Wibsey slack 2  
John BOOCOCK Wibsey 2  
Isaac BOOTH Wibsey 1  
John BOOTH Lower woodlands    
Joseph BOOTH Tong 1  
Matthew BOOTH Idle    
William BOWER Odsal moor side 1  
John BOWMAN Buttershaw 1  
George BRASHAW West park house 2  
D BRAYSHAW Hill top, Low moor 1  
Abraham BREAKS Wibsey bank 1  
John BREAKS do 1  
Reuben BREAKS Slack top 1  
Seth BREAKS Truncliffe    
Seth jun BREAKS do    
R BREARCLIFF Buttershaw lane top 1  
Charles BROOK Buttershaw 1  
Christopher BROOK Chapel fold 1  
Joseph BROOK Slack field 1  
John BUTLER Cheese cake house 2  
Richard BUTLER Tong 1  
William BYWATER Buttershaw 1  
T CLARKSON Long row, Low moor 1  
Richard CLAY Goole 1  
John CLAYTON Moor top 1  
Samuel CLOUGH Woodhouse hill 2  
William COLLINSON Bierley lane 1  
Richard CROWTHER Wibsey 1  
C Holdsworth DAWSON Royds hall 2  
Wm DEARDEN Wibsey bank foot 1  
Charles DES VOEUX London    
Absalom DOWNES Beck hill 1  
Joseph DOWNES Fiddler hill farm 1  
John EASTWOOD Low moor 1  
Robert EDMONDSON Holroyde hill 1  
James EMMETT Low moor side 1  
John ENGLAND Odsal 1  
Joshua FAWCETT Low moor 1  
Richard FEARNLEY Truncliffe 1  
James FIRTH Cleckheaton    
Joseph FIRTH Unsworth 1  
Joseph FIRTH Raw nook 1  
Reuben FIRTH Bierley lane 1  
Thomas FIRTH do 1  
Mark FLETCHER Brown royd hill 1  
Thos FORD Hill top, Low moor    
Squire GALLOWAY Fiddler hill farm 2  
Benjamin GARSIDE Carr lane    
Jph GARSIDE Low moor side 1  
William GARSIDE Low moor side 1  
James GREEN Lower woodland    
Joseph GREEN Bierley lane    
William GREEN Cleckheaton    
William GREENOUGH Wibsey 2  
W Watson GREENWOOD Bank foot    
Thomas HALEY Bierley lane 1  
Edward HANDFORTH Low moor 1  
James HARDAKER Manorile lane 1  
Abraham HARDY Heaton hill    
Charles HARDY Odsal 1  
Gathorne HARDY London 1  
John jun HARDY do    
Jonathan HARDY Ditch side 2  
Stephen HARDY Hill top    
James HARKER do 1  
Benjamin HARPIN Low moor 2  
John Wright HIGGINS do    
David HILLAM Low moor side 1  
James HINCHLIFF Hill top 1  
John HODGSON Bank top 1  
James HOLDEN Wibsey 1  
James HOLDEN Buttershaw 1  
John HOLDEN Slack end 1  
Samuel HOLDEN Slack side 2  
R HOLROYD Fiddler hill farm 1  
James HORN Holly hall 1  
John HORN Heaton hill 1  
John HORN Fiddler hill farm 1  
Robert HORSLEY Wibsey 2  
Christopher HOWSON Tong 1  
A ILLINGWORTH Tordoff green end 1  
Jonas JOWET Horse and jockey inn    
Thomas KAYE near Bierley hall    
Charles KELLETT Heaton hill 1  
Daniel KELLETT do 1  
Edward KELLETT Slack side    
George KELLETT do 1  
James KELLETT do 1  
James KELLETT Low moor 1  
John KELLETT Carr lane 1  
Jonas KELLETT Heaton hill 1  
Joseph KELLETT Wibsey 2  
Samuel KELLETT Slack side 1  
Samuel KELLETT Upper George    
J Charles KITCHINGMAN Truncliffe 1  
John KNOWLES Woodhouse hill 2  
Samuel LAYCOCK Low moor side 1  
T LAYCOCK Fiddler hill farm 1  
Thomas LEE Shelf    
Charles LIGHTOWLER Bradford 1  
Joseph LIGHTOWLER Buttershaw 1  
David LIGHTOWLERS Heaton hill 1  
J LIGHTOWLERS Folly hall, Wibsey 2  
Jonas jun LIGHTOWLERS do 2  
Jph LIGHTOWLERS Fiddler hill farm 1  
Peter LIGHTOWLERS Bowling 1  
S LOCKWOOD Wibsey bank top 2  
Thomas LORD Soper lane 1  
Samuel MIDGLEY Bowling 2  
Joshua MITCHELL Bradford 1  
Eli MORTIMER Soper lane 1  
James MORTIMER Slack top 1  
Thomas MORTIMER Soper lane 1 .
John MOUNSEY Hill top 1  
Squire MUFF Low moor side 1  
C J NORTH Beacon lane bottom 2  
Isaac NORTH Bowling 1  
John NORTH Fiddler hill farm 2  
Richard ORRELL do 1  
Matthew OUTHWAITE Toftshaw 1  
Samuel OVEREND Horton 2 .
John PARKER Wibsey slack 1  
James PARKINSON Carr lane 1  
Joseph PARKINSON Glass house 1  
Gent PEARSON Truncliffe    
James PEARSON Odsal    
Samuel PEARSON Wibsey 2  
Thomas PERCY Odsal moor 1  
John PICKLES Manningham 1  
James POLLARD Truncliffe 1  
Elisha PRIESTLEY Wibsey 2  
John PRIESTLEY Brown royd hill    
Benjamin PYRAH Horse close 1  
Richard Cope PYRAH Buttershaw 1  
Thomas PYRAH do 1  
Joshua RHODES Low moor 1 ..
George ROBINSON Wibsey slack 2  
John ROPER Bowling 2  
Ebenezer SARGENT Low moor bottom    
Benjamin SEED Carr house 1  
Isaac SEED Bierley lane 1  
James SEED Buttershaw 1  
Absalom SHAW Beck hill 1  
John SHAW Low moor 1  
Sampson SHAW Town end, Wibsey 2  
Thomas SHAW Moor top 1  
John SHUTT Bowling 1  
John SIMPSON Bradford 1  
John SLICER Low moor side 1  
Thomas SLICER Low moor 1  
Daniel SMITH Heaton hill 2  
James SMITH Palm close 1  
John SMITH do 1  
Jonas SMITH Wibsey 2  
Martin SMITH Hill top, Low moor 1  
James SAINTHORPE Salt horn   Dead
John STAINTHORPE Low moor 2  
James STOCKS Moor field 1  
John SUGDEN Salthorn 2  
John SUTCLIFFE Coll mill 1 .
John SWAINE Hill top    
John TAYLOR Warrington 2  
Joseph TAYLOR Lower woodland 1  
Joshua TAYLOR Salt horn 1  
Samuel TAYLOR Fiddler hill farm 2  
Joseph TEMPEST Wibsey   ..
John THORNTON Wibsey slack 1  
Joseph THORNTON Kings head inn 1  
Samuel THORNTON Pudsey 2  
Samuel THORNTON Slack bottom 1  
Seth THORNTON do 1  
Jonathan TOMMIS Slack 1  
Elias TORDOFF Raw nook 1  
Isaac TORDOFF Town end, Wibsey 2  
James TORDOFF Carr lane 1  
John TORDOFF Kettering 2  
John TORDOFF Bradford 1  
Joseph TORDOFF Low moor 1  
Joseph TORDOFF Wibsey 1  
Squire TORDOFF Horton 1 .
William TORDOFF Holroyd hill    
Richard TOWNEND Beacon lane side 1  
Thomas TOWNEND Wibsey 2  
Benj WADDINGTON Slack bottom 1  
Samuel WADDINGTON Slack side 1  
William WADDINGTON Low moor 1  
Joseph WALKER Buttershaw 1  
Joseph WALKER Fiddler hill farm 1  
Robert WALKER Bierley lane 1 .
James WARBURTON Wibsey 2  
John WARDMAN Wibsey slack 1  
John WHITAKER Salt horn 2  
John WHITTERON Carr lane    
H W WICKHAM Kirklees hall 1  
Lamplugh Wickham WICKHAM do 1  
James WIDDOP Low moor side 1  
A WILKINSON Wibsey bank foot 2  
Joseph WILKINSON Palm field 1  
William WILKINSON Carr lane 2  
Christopher WILSON Carr lane top 2  
Edward WILSON Beck hill 2  
Jas WILSON Victoria inn, hill top 2 ..
John WILSON Hill top, low moor 1  
Richard WILSON do 2  
Robert WILSON Low moor 2  
Thomas WILSON Snake hill 2  
T WILSON Morley carr, low moor 2  
William WILSON Low moor 2  
John WOMERSLEY Brighouse    
Joshua WOOD Hill top 1  
Jos WOODCOCK Musgrave, Shelf 1  
Thomas WOODCOCK Buttershaw 1  
Joshua WOODHEAD Moor side 1  
Joshua WOODHEAD Upper ruff 1  
Thomas WOODHEAD Low moor 1  
Charles WORSNOP Fiddler hill farm 1  
Jabez WORSNOP Low moor 2  
James WORSNOP Hill top 2  
Mark WORSNOP Fiddler hill farm 2  
Thomas WORSNOP Hill top 2  
James WRIGHT Tordoff green    
John WRIGHT Hill top 2  
John WRIGHT Brown royd hill 2  
John WRIGHT Upper George 1  
Jph WRIGHT School lane, Wibsey 2  
Benjamin WROE Hunsworth 1  
Peter WROE Bowling 2  
Thomas WROE Wibsey 1  
John YEWDALL Bowling 2