Hipperholme cum Brighouse Township, Norwood Green, poll for Knights of the Shire 1848


This is the Hipperholme cum Brighouse Township Polling District, Norwood Green section, for the West Riding Election for a Knight of the Shire for the West Ridiing of Yorkshire, in the room of Lord Viscount Morpeth (suceeded to the peerage as Earl of Carlisle) on Thursday and Friday, Dec 14th and 15th 1848.

Candidates Edmund Denison Esquire and Sir Culling Eardley Eardley Baronet.

Compiled by T Flint Esq, Leeds and published by George Crosby, 20 Queen's Place. 1849

The requirement to vote at that time was that you must own or hold a minimum 60 year lease on land to a minimum value of £10 or be paying a rent at £50 per annum

The ballot was a public affair and lists like the one we have transcribed below were later published.

A 1 indicates a vote for Dennison (Conservative - who won the seat) or a 2 for Eardley (Liberal). We presume a blank after a name means no vote was cast.


Name Surname Residence No.
Daniel AINLEY Brighouse 2
Lewis ALEXANDER Scarbro 1
Abraham APPLEYARD Hove edge 2
John APPLEYARD Rastrick 2
William APPLEYARD Laverach hall  
Henry ARMYTAGE Sled hall 2
Joseph ARMYTAGE Brighouse  
Job ASPINALL Rastrick 1
John ASPINALL Brighouse 1
William ASPINALL Do 1
Samuel AVISON Do  
William AVISON Do 1
Samuel BAINES Birds royd  
John BARBER Church lane 1
William BARBER Thornhill bridge 2
Jonas BELL Hove edge 2
George BENTLEY Tops grove 2
Joseph BINNS Harley head 1
Joseph BIRCH Parsonage 1
Benjamin BLACKBURN Brighouse 2
Samuel BLACKBURN Sawood house 1
Thomas jun BLACKBURN Brighouse 2
Joseph BOTTOMLEY Thornhill Briggs 1
William BROADBENT Brighouse 1
Benjamin BROOK Wike 2
Christopher BROOK Brighouse 2
James BROOK Lower green 1
John BROOK Brighouse 2
John, jun. BROOK Well Holme 1
Joseph BROOK Laverach hall 1
John BROOKE Brighouse 1
Daniel CARTER Giles house 1
David CAWTHRA Low mill 2
John CLEGG Manchester 1
John DENHAM Brighouse 2
John DENHAM Near Clifton bridge 2
Jonas EMPSALL Thornhill Briggs 2
William FIELD Bonegate 2
John FIRTH Norwood green 2
Henry FLATHER Hipperholme 1
John FLATHER Bramley lane 2
William FLETCHER Brighouse 2
Benjamin FREEMAN Do 2
Savile GOLDTHORP Clifton  
Benjamin GOODER Church lane  
Jonas GOODER Brighouse 2
Charles GREENWOOD Clifton 1
William GREENWOOD Brighouse 2
William GURNEY Lightcliffe 1
James HALL Brighouse 2
Thomas HANSON Norwood Green 1
William HARDCASTLE Royd lands 1
Jonathan HARDY Low moor  
William HARTLEY Waterloo 2
James HEMMINGWAY Lightcliffe 2
George HEPWORTH Brighouse 2
John HEPWORTH Wareing green 2
Mark HEPWORTH Yew trees 1
George HIGHAM Bonegate 1
James HINSCLIFFE Lightclife 2
John HOLLAND Slead house 2
Joseph HOLLAND Do 2
William HOLLAND Newhouse 2
John HOLMES Norwood green  
James Robert HORNER Brighouse 2
George HOYLE Southowram  
John HOYLE Do 2
William HUTCHINSON Brighouse 2
Geo. Beaumont JESSOP Bonegate  
Thomas JESSOP Church lane  
Wm JOWETT Laverach hall lane  
William LANCASTER Brighouse 1
Henry LEDGARD London  
William LEDGARD Upper Bonegate  
William LISTER Priestley green 1
Joseph LIVINGSTON Bonegate  
Joseph LUMB Till carr 2
Chas. Harold MACAULAY Rastrick 1
T.F.., MACAULAY Crossland H Nr Hud 1
Thos. MALLINSON White hall farm 2
William MALLINSON Hove edge 2
Charles MELLOR Brighouse 2
Joshua MIDGLEY Hove edge 2
James OATES Southowram 2
Hanson ORMEROD Ganny cottage 2
John ORMEROD Brighouse 2
T. Theodore ORMEROD Brighouse 2
Joseph PARKINSON Pond, do. 1
James PEARSON Holdsworth farm 1
Joseph PEARSON Leeds 2
William PEARSON Lightcliffe 1
William POLLARD Hipperholme 1
Joseph PRATT Clifton  
Samuel PYRAH Brighouse  
William RAMSBOTTOM Manchester 1
John RAMSDEN Shelf  
Enoch RAYNER Rastrick 2
Henry RAYNER Brighouse 2
Asa RHODES Norwood green 2
William RHODES Do 2
John RUSHWORTH Lane ends 2
John SCHOFIELD Rastrick common 1
John SCHOFIELD Lightcliffe 1
Joseph SHARP London 2
Samuel SHARP Upper lane  
Simeon SHAW Hipperholme 1
Lewis SIMPSON Brighouse 2
Robert SMITH Rastrick 1
George SOWDEN Thornhill bridge 1
Samuel SOWDEN Sutcliffe wood 1
Amon STOCKS Halifax 2
Lumb STOCKS London  
Thomas SUGDEN Brighouse 2
Henry SUNDERLAND Spring cottage 1
James SUNDERLAND Coley hall 1
Rev T.L.J. SUNDERLAND Bedford  
Joseph SUTCLIFFE Harrison road  
Thos.Richard SUTCLIFFE Upper mill 1
John SWIFT Wood lane end 1
Joseph TAYLOR Thornhill bridge 2
James THORNTON Brighouse 2
Thomas TURNER Hove edge 2
James WALKER Birds royd 2
John WALKER Rastrick 2
Joseph WALKER Priestley green 2
Michael WALLER Thornhill Briggs 2
Rev.J. WARBURTON Hipperholme sc 1
Samuel WASHINGTON Litgett 1
Joseph WHEATLEY Brighouse 2
Richard WHEATLEY Do 2
Wm. Wrigley WIDDOP Do 1
Benjamin WOMERSLEY Bonegate 1
Robert WOMERSLEY Priestley green  
James WOOD Thornhill Briggs 1
John WOOD Norwood green 1
J., WOODHEAD Hellewell Syke Lane 2