Shelf Township poll for Knights of the Shire 1848


This is the Shelf Polling District for the West Riding Election for a Knight of the Shire for the West Ridiing of Yorkshire, in the room of Lord Viscount Morpeth (suceeded to the peerage as Earl of Carlisle) on Thursday and Friday, Dec 14th and 15th 1848.

Candidates Edmund Denison Esquire and Sir Culling Eardley Eardley Baronet.

Compiled by T Flint Esq, Leeds and published by George Crosby, 20 Queen's Place. 1849

The requirement to vote at that time was that you must own or hold a minimum 60 year lease on land to a minimum value of £10 or be paying a rent at £50 per annum

The ballot was a public affair and lists like the one we have transcribed below were later published.

A 1 indicates a vote for Dennison (Conservative - who won the seat) or a 2 for Eardley (Liberal). We presume a blank after a name means no vote was cast.


Name Surname Residence No.
Joseph ASQUITH Halifax 2
John BAINES Rastrick 2
Samuel BAINES Woodhouse grove 1
John, jun., BALDWIN Elland 2
Benj., BARRACLOUGH Carhouse lane 2
Samuel BARRACLOUGH North Bierley 1
Wm., BARRACLOUGH Brow lane 1
Daniel BATEMAN North Bierley 2
Joshua BLAKEY Do 1
Thomas BOOTH Northowram 2
Joseph BOTTOMLEY Whichfield 2
Moses BOTTOMLEY Wade house 2
Thomas BOTTOMLEY Cheapside 2
George BRIGG Delf field 2
Samuel BRIGG Brow lane, dead  
George BUCKLEY Halifax 2
Joseph CORDINGLEY Lightcliffe 1
John CROWTHER Stone chair 1
Thomas DEWHIRST Carhouse lane 1
Joseph ELLIS Norwood green 2
Nathan ELLIS Do 2
John FARRAR Halifax  
Timothy FAWTHROP Northowram 1
Jonathan FIELD Hill top 2
Joseph FIRTH Low moor  
Samuel GATH Halifax 2
Thomas GREGORY Brow house 2
William HARTLEY Carhouse lane 1
Samuel HIRST Halifax 2
Thomas HOLDEN Do 2
John HOLMES Greenhead 2
John HOLROYD Halifax  
Thomas IBBOTSON Midgley 2
James JACKSON Wadehouse lane 2
Abram JAGGER Pepperhill 2
Abraham KELLET Shelf 2
John LAYCOCK Brow lane 1
Joseph, jun., LISTER Highbentley 1
Samuel LISTER Car house lane 2
Thomas LISTER Halifax 2
Frederick MANN Do 2
John MANN Northowram 2
Thomas MANN Do 2
William MARSHALL Halifax 2
Lord MASSY Marsden, Lancashire 2
John MILLS Northowram 2
James MORLEY Skircoat 2
James MURGATROYD Brackenbeds 2
William MURGATROYD Clifton  
John NORTH North Bierley 1
Richard OATES Whichfield 1
Charles OGDEN Halifax 2
Samuel PEEL Carwood house 2
William RUSHTON Clough hill  
John SIMPSON Brighouse 2
William SMITH Halifax 1
William SMITH Car house lane 2
James STEAD Halifax 2
James STOCKS Riding hill 1
Henry STYRING Halifax 1
Joseph THACKRAY Hargreaves head 1
George THOMPSON Halifax 2
James THORNTON Dean house 1
Thomas,sen., WHITELEY Halifax 2
Joseph WILD Do 2
John WILKINSON Bradford 1
John WILLIAMSON Halifax 2
Thomas WOODCOCK North Bierley 1
James WOODHEAD Brow lane 2
Peter WOODHEAD Cockhill 1
William WOODHEAD Jiles mill 2
John WRIGHT Car house lane, dead