Wibsey Wesleyan Reform, Holroyd Hill::

Wesleyan Holroyd Hill

Wibsey Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Holroyd Hill

The Wesleyans built a Sunday school in School Lane in 1821 and eventually erected a chapel in Holroyd Hill in 1838. In 1851 there was a schism in the society (as in many other parts of the country) and as a result the "Reform Party" met for a while in a room above a stable before they bought the Holroyd Hill premises from the "Wesleyan Party" in 1853 and from that time forward it was a Wesleyan Reform Chapel. They made improvements to the building and enlarged it in 1869. A Sunday school and minister’s house was added later. The church closed in the 1980’s. The large graveyard was cleared and a new building erected on the site by the Salvation Army in May 2001

Baptisms commence in 1838 and burials in 1837. The early ones are for the Wesleyan Methodist Church, after 1853 they refer to the Wesleyan Reform Church.
Blackburn noted down the monumental inscriptions in 1930 and they now appear on this site.