Wibsey War Memorials::

Wesleyan Reform Holroyd Hill War Roll of Honour
This chapel has been demolished but the Roll of Honour - on a sheet of paper - has been removed from the frame it was in, folded into four and deposited at Bradford Archives under reference 30D87.A

We have transcribed it as follows and put the names into alphabetical order.
Given Name Surname Died Regiment
Tom ADAMS   Royal Field Artillery
Charles H. BARRACLOUGH   Surrey Regt.
John A BARRACLOUGH   Royal Field Artillery
S. H. BARRACLOUGH   Royal Field Artillery
Thos. A BARRACLOUGH   Duke Wellington Regt.
Paul BASTOW   Durham Light Inf.
Albert C. BATEMAN   Royal Engineers
Leonard BATEMAN   Royal Air Force
Charles H. BENTLEY died West Yorkshire Regt.
Alfred BIRKBY   Royal Horse Artillery
Harry BOLTON died West Yorkshire Regt.
Willie BOLTON   Northumberland Fus
Granville BOTTOMLEY   Northumberland Fus
Athol BREARLEY   West Yorks
Walter BRETHERICK   Royal Field Artillery
Harry BROOK   Royal Army Medical Co.
Horace H BROOK   Royal Field Artillery
Arthur BYWATER died Northumberland Fus
Walter BYWATER   Northumberland Fus
Alfred CRAVEN died Duke Wellington Regt.
Herbert CRAVEN   Field Ambulance
John W CRAVEN   Duke Wellington Regt.
John DAWSON   Duke Wellington Regt.
Arthur DRACUP   Duke Wellington Regt.
Fred ELLIS   West Yorkshire Regt.
William ELLIS   K.O.R.L.
Harold EMMOTT died Royal Field Artillery
Arthur W FLETCHER   Royal Engineers
Albert C. GRAY   E.F.C.S. Corps.
Wallace GREEN   Royal Field Artillery
J. E. HAINSWORTH   Duke Wellington Regt.
Charlie HANSON died Royal Navy
Harry HANSON   Royal Navy
Joe HANSON   Royal Navy
Thomas HANSON   Duke Wellington Regt.
Norman HARKER   62 Div. Cyclists Coy.
Verney HARKER   Royal Field Artillery
Thomas R. HARPER   Royal Air Force
Andrew HINCHLIFFE   East Yorks
Dan HINCHLIFFE died Royal Scots
R. HINCHLIFFE   Army Service Corps
Sam HINCHLIFFE   Royal Field Artillery
Willie HOLDEN   Royal Navy
J. A. HOLT   188 Gun Sect.
Joe HORNE   West Yorkshire Regt.
Charles HORSLEY   Royal Garrison Artillery
Willie ILLINGWORTH died West Yorkshire Regt.
Harry INGHAM   Duke Wellington Regt.
H. J. KAYE   Royal Field Artillery
Alfred F. KELLETT   Pioneer Corps.
Harry KELLETT   Royal Navy
Crispin KERSHAW   West Yorkshire Regt.
H. H. KERSHAW   Yorks. and Lancs.
W. I. MARIES   West Yorks
J.C. MARLTON   Royal Air Force
Cyril MCBRIDE died Royal Naval Div.
Fred MITTON   Royal Defence Corps.
Alfred MORTIMER   Royal Defence Corps.
Tom MORTIMER   Royal Navy
Willie MORTIMER   Royal Engineers
Charlie MYERS   Royal Navy
Willie MYERS   Royal Navy
James V NEWALL   West Yorkshire Regt.
Reggie ORMONDROYD died K.O.Y.L.I
Seth ORMONDROYD   Lincolns
Harry PICKLES   Army Service Corps M T
Ernest PRIESTLEY died Duke of Lancaster Yeomy.
William F RAINBOW   Royal Air Force
Alfred RUSHFIRTH   Duke Wellington Regt.
Harry RUSHFIRTH   Royal Field Artillery
Albert SMITH   Royal Field Artillery
Ernest SMITH died Royal Berkshires
Gent SMITH   East Surrey
Harry SMITH   K.O.Y.L.I
James SMITH died K.O.Y.L.I
Jesse SMITH   Punjab V Rifles
Chas. H. SPEIGHT   Worcester Regt.
E. SUNDERLAND   Yorks Regt.
Walter TERRY   Royal Field Artillery
Ramoth THORNTON   Royal Navy
W. H. THORNTON   West Yorks.
Wright THORNTON   Royal Field Artillery
Norris TORDOFF died Duke Wellington Regt.
Sam WADDINGTON   Royal Field Artillery
John A WILKINSON   Army Service Corps MT
Walter WILKINSON   Northumberland Fus
Leonard WOODHEAD   Leicesters
Granville WRIGHT   Royal Air Force