Wesley Place Methodist Church, Low Moor: Burials


Wesley Place graveyard is situated on Cleckheaton Road, between First Street and Chapel Road, opposite BASF chemicals. Following the closure and demolition of buildings used by the church in the 1970’s, houses were built on the site of the church and Sunday school and the upkeep of the graveyard transferred to Bradford Council. It is currently in a very sorry state.

Blackburn recorded the monumental inscriptions in 1929 - see the Monuments tabs

The first six entries in the first register refer to burials prior to 1838 when church records say the graveyard was opened. There is one burial in each of the years 1809, 1818, 1825, 1836 and two in 1837. An entry in the Trustees Minute Book of September 14th 1837 mentions that no more burials are to be made in the yard in front of the chapel, so it seems that the first six burials were made in this yard.

There are five registers which cover the entire span of the graveyards use. They are in the Bradford Office of the West Yorkshire Archives under ref 42D79

There is an 1875 plan of the yard in the Bradford Archives with some names on it, but it is badly damaged, ref WYB477

The burial registers are covered by five books and appear here likewise.


  • Book 1 : Burials 1809 - 1864
  • Book 2 : Burials 1864 - 1878
  • Book 3 : Burials 1878 - 1992
  • Book 4 : Burials 1892 - 1910
  • Book 5 : Burials 1910 - 1975

The graveyard plan below covers both the old and new yards

Graveyard plan

Some images of graves can be found on