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These are a series of small hard backed books with lined pages with a margin.  Each page has a grave number as its heading and Owner followed by a name and often an address.  Underneath, sometimes headed internment, and numbered, are listed names followed by an age and a date.  It is not noted whether these are death or internment dates, but where the date is before the burial register date we have assumed it is the date of death and given it in the comments column.

One of our volunteers has matched up the entries to the burials book if a grave number or date was quoted.  The last three columns Burial Book ref, age and Burial Date have been taken from the Burial Records.   If there were entries for which no burial could confidently be matched these columns are blank.

Some of the entries are very messy and we have done our best to try and understand what the original writer meant!  These books are still in the safe at the church.

You can download a plan of the various areas which might help you locate a grave, but please remember that the yard has been cleared of all but a few monuments and it could be hard establishing an exact plot. Good Luck!

Download a basic plan here


Note : Old Yard There is no plan or Grave Book in existence for this area which is between the Church and Sunday School