Child Employment Commission, 1841:: William Barraclough


No. 25.- William Barraclough, 35 years old :-

     Feeder of furnaces. Wages 1l. a-week. Went into the pits between six and seven; had not been at day-school; after he started working went at nights, and at Sunday-school; can read the Testament a little; cannot write.
Liked pitting very well when he first went. Mother wanted him to wind cotton bobbins; would go to hurry rather than do that; pitting never did him any harm; never found the work too hard; would not be afraid of sending boys into pits; would not like girls to go into pits as well as boys, but it never hurts boys that he can see; boys can go to night-school, as it is, very well, if they have a mind; going to night-school when he did go never did him any harm.
Pitting is a healthy trade; always had good health when he worked in pits; never hears complaints on that score.
Has a good fire and a bit of supper for selves and children when he goes home at night. Does not get drunk once a-year. His wife had a good mother; if his wife had worked he does not think she would have made so good a wife.

     If parents nobbud takes care of bringing children up, working would never do them any harm; would not let his daughter work with anybody but himself.