Child Employment Commission, 1841:: Henry Benn


No. 20.- Henry Benn :-

What do you recollect about going into the pit? - I don't know hardly.
Do you like it? - Yes.
You always liked it? - Yes.
Did you go with any body? - I went with my brother.
Work hard, but not so hard but he can do it. Sleeps well. Gets milk and porridge for breakfast; for dinner, butter and bread, and a bit of meat on Sundays; butter and bread and tea for supper; has always as much as he can eat; is never pinched.
Lakes sometimes; then gathers coals or ought; lakes about up and down on the moor; lakes very oft a day a week.

     Washes himself well when he goes home at night. Has got Sunday clothes. Goes to church on Sundays. Goes to work at six. Gets home at night, sometimes six o'clock, sometimes sooner, sometimes after.