Child Employment Commission, 1841:: James Davis


No. 12.- James Davis, aged 11 years.

     Wages 4s. a-week.
Father dead, mother draws his wages.

     Never went to day-school, learned to read at night-school; cannot write; has worked almost two years; comes about six in the morning; sometimes is called up, sometimes gets up of himself; gets tea and toasted cake for breakfast; does not stop for dinner; gets meat and cake for dinner; mother brings it him; goes home at night about six; washes his hands and face clean when he goes home; sometimes gets apple-pie for supper; is never pinched for meat; could sometimes eat more if he had it; his mother would give him more if she could; sleeps well; is sometimes tired when he goes to bed, but always rested next morning; has good health, never wants the doctor; does not know what catching a cold is; is never beaten; always goes to Sunday-school, but not to church; has Sunday-clothes. In summer evenings lakes about, but never plays at nor-and-spell.