Child Employment Commission, 1841:: Edward Handforth


No. 5.- Edward Handforth, aged 32 years, Pit steward, Low Moor. Feb. 10, 1841 :-

     Wages 24s., coals, and candles.
Went to school till ten years old; could read and write middling; then went into a pit as a hurrier; became collier at eighteen; attended night-school and learned to read and write pretty well; promoted to be a steward at about four-and-twenty; thinks he should not have been a steward if he had never been at school.

     The hurriers generally go into the pits about seven years old; not above one in ten can read; they cannot be got to attend Sunday-schools; this is from the neglect of the parents, and when boys have been working every day of the week from six to six they want a bit of play on Sundays. Boys that have been at school are generally more sensible, quieter, and better behaved. Parents generally take care to give the children plenty to eat and drink, but don't think of much beyond that.