Child Employment Commission, 1841:: Joseph Haydock


No. 29.- Joseph Haydock, Collier, about 37 years of age :-


Wages 18s. a-week.
How old were you when you first went into the pit? - About 10 years old.
Did you ever go to school? - No; I did go once for 2 or 3 weeks, but I was obliged to stop, my parents were so ill off they could not afford to send me. I went a deal to t' Sunday-school.
Can you read and write? - I can read, and write a bit very poorly.
What do you recollect about first going into the pits? - I a' most can hardly tell you.
Did you like it? - It were my own inclination to go at first; I waur not very fond of it when I had been agate a while.
Why did you not like it? - I had been used to playing.
Was the work hard? - It waur not very hard.
Did it ever do you any harm? - Why, nay, I can't say that it ever did.
Have you had good health? - I had bad health when I was a boy.
Did that come from going into the pit? - No, I had it afore I went into the pit.
Have you ever been subject to any particular complaint? - I cannot say that I have.
Should you have been better in any way if you had worked shorter hours when you were a boy? - I believe sometimes if I had gone shorter hours I should have been better: long hours and little to eat hurt the constitution.
Do you wish you had been to school when you were a boy? - If I had been to school it would happen* have been better for me now.
Would you try to send your own children to school? - I should like to do, if I could afford it.
Would you be content they should receive rather less wages, and have time to go to school? - I don't know how that would be. It would be very right in regard to that there if circumstances would afford it.

* Perhaps.