Child Employment Commission, 1841:: John Heaton


No. 16.- John Heaton, 9½ years old:-


     Gets 2s. 9d. to 3s. a-week.
     Never went to day-school; goes to Sunday-school; not to night-school. Can read a bit.
     Went into pit at a'most eight years old.
     Is in pit at six in the morning; brother calls him up; is sleepy when he gets up, but not when he gets into the pit.
     Has small drink and butter and cake for breakfast at home before starting.
     Gets grease and cake for dinner; does not stop for dinner; gets it in pit.
     Goes home at night at 6 o'clock; always washes hands and face clean when he goes home. Sleeps well. Is tired when he goes to bed; very tired; but not when he gets up next morning.
     Likes being in a pit; did not like it at first; "took him back again to t'top, it was so low." Work was hard when he first went; got used to it in about a year.

               Sometimes lakes. In summer evenings goes to bed when he gets home.