Child Employment Commission, 1841:: Lamplugh Wickham Hird


No. 2.- Lamplugh Wickham Hird, Esq., Low Moor. Feb. 9, 1841 :-

You are a partner in the Low Moor iron works? - Yes.
You are a magistrate for the county? - Yes.
What is your opinion of the practicability of dispensing with the employment of children in the night? - I think that it would be a very heavy blow to do away with the working of children altogether.
But you could dispense with them below the age of thirteen? - I should rather say twelve. I don't think they are in the least injured by it.
You employ no children in night-work, excepting alternate weeks? - No.
And you employ no girls in night-work at all? - Not one.

You wish to state that on these grounds night-work for the children in your employ is not, in your opinion, seriously objectionable? - Yes, and from the appearance of the men who have grown up under our immediate eye.