Child Employment Commission, 1841:: Mary Patchett


No. 23.- Mary Patchett, 14 years old :-

     Wages 2s. 6d.; father draws them. Employed about the furnace above ground, carrying coals, &c.
Never went to day or night-school; goes to Sunday-school; cannot read so mich. Can sew; can cook a bit; mother taught her; learns a bit at nights when she goes home.
Has worked towards three years; does not like working so mich. They keep agate calling of her; never beat her; work is not so very hard, not harder than she can do. Likes laking; plays about th' moor, does nothing else.

     Comes at half-past 6 to 7 in a morning, stops at half-past 4; stops half an hour for breakfast and an hour for dinner; goes home for both. Does not wash herself at dinner-time, does at night; feels comfortable then; sleeps well. Never laked for being poorly, nobbud one day since she went. Can eat her dinner well; is never pinched; has plenty, as much as she can eat.