Child Employment Commission, 1841:: William Patchett


No. 19.- William Patchett, 12 years old :-

Went into pit at six years old.
What do you recollect about going into the pit? - I waur flaid.*
But when you had been in two or three days? - I liked it weel enough then.
Have you liked it ever since? - Yes.
Is it hard work? - Yes.
Do you like hard work? - Sometimes.
Could you stand your work when you first went in? - I couldn't stand it then
Can you stand it now? - Yes.
Do you like it now? - Yes.
Has no Sunday clothes.
Gets a bit of cake for breakfast; for dinner, cake and a bit of fat; for supper, tea and cake; for dinner, meat on Sundays, sometimes on Saturdays; has always as much as he can eat.

* Afraid.