Child Employment Commission, 1841:: John Read


No. 31.- John Read, Collier, 25 years old :-


Wages 18s. to 20s.
How old were you when you first went into the pits? - Between 7 and 8.
Did you ever go to school? - Yes, a bit sometimes.
Can you read and write? - I can read a bit; I cannot write.
What do you recollect about first going into the pits? - I went with my father first for my own pleasure.
Was the work hard? - It's all hard work.
Did you like it when you first went? - It waur as good for my fancy as any other sort.
Did it ever do you any harm? - I don't know that ever I had any harm in it yet.
Have you had good health? - Yes, I don't know that ever I've been sick beyond a day or two.
Have you ever been subject to any particular complaint? - Not that I know of.
Should you have been better in any way if you had worked shorter hours when you were a boy? - I don't know that I should.
Do you wish you had been at school when you were a boy? - Nay, I had rather be at work than at school.
Would you try to send your own children to school? - I should like to send them till they can work.
Would you be content they should receive rather less wages, and have time to go to school? - I don't know; I think a poor man needs all he can get.