Searching SBLHA

The search facility below is hosted by "Freefind". Due to our reliance on tables to order our data, it places a limitation on the effectiveness of search engines. For example, should you search for 'Barbara Dixon', the search engine will return all pages that have the words 'Barbara' and 'Dixon' on them, though not neccessarily linked! There is a great deal of material on our site and it may be effective to be more specific in your searches. For example, if you enter 'Barbara Dixon Baptisms' you are more likely to get the specific pages dealing with Baptisms and has a Barbara and a Dixon on it. The results list the items they have found, so the searcher can choose what is relevant.

When a search returns a page with a large amount of data, it is better to then use your browser's 'Find' facility to pick out the keywords you were searching for. There is also an index and a sitemap that may prove useful.


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Recent updates may not be found in a search until the site is re-indexed.

Using the Vital Records Database

The Vital Records Database has all the Births, Marriages, Banns, Deaths, Burials, Memorials and Census material from the SBLHA site. It also holds the data from the CalverleyInfo site which covers nearby areas. The searchable Vital Records Database was launched on the 12th November 2009.
It currently contains 1,252,924 entries.

The database is located offsite at Click on the site image below to open the database in a new page.