Cleckheaton Circuit, baptisms::

The following entries were found in a Register deposited at West Yorkshire Archive Service in Wakefield and found on Ancestry in the Non-Conformist Registers ref WC32. The Register is headed "Baptisms in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapels in the Cleckheaton Circuit". The Register begins in 1837. In the date column some of the Baptisms clearly state the place where they were performed, others simply have a date. We have extracted the Baptisms where the parent's abode was given as being in the Shelf area. Witchfield moved between different circuits over the years; it was a part of Cleckheaton Circuit until 1846. Witchfield had its own Baptism Registers from 1807 which were surrendered to the General Register Office under the Non-parochial Registers Commission of 1837 and are now with the National Archives under reference R4. Subsequent baptisms are in the Cleckheaton Circuit Register until Witchfield's own records begin again in 1844

Where Date No. Name Father Mother Surname Abode Age/Birth Notes
At Whichfield Chapel 1838 01 28 5 Ann John Martha BARRACLOUGH Shelf    
at Stone Chair 1839 07 14 27 Aaron Cyrus Susannah BEST Stone Chair 145d  
Chapel at Wichfield 1839 06 30 31 Martha Ann John Rhoda RAMSDEN Shelf 91d  
Chapel at Wichfield 1839 07 28 32 William Edwin William Susannah RHODES Shelf 13m  
at Shelf 1840 01 26 73 Thomas Gledhill James Hannah HOLDSWORTH Shelf 1839 12 03 54d
  1840 03 22 79 James John Sarah BARTLE Shelf 1839 12 05 108d
  1841 03 21 111 Joseph William Mary WIBY Shelf 6m Wilby
  1841 05 16 117 Martha Gledhill Abraham Ellen BAILEY Shelf 95d  
  1842 01 23 139 Samuel John Sarah BARTLE Shelf 3m 21d  
  1842 01 23 140 Joseph John Sarah PICKLES Shelf 1m 19d  
  1842 04 03 169 Mary John Rhoda RAMSDEN Shelf Nr Halifax 18w 1d  
  1843 11 28 231 Louisa David Betty BARTLE Shelf 8m  
  1844 06 23 254 Hannah John Sarah BARTLE Shelf 11w 1d