Child Employment Commission, 1841:: John Stevenson


No. 15.- John Stevenson, aged 14 years:-


     Wages about 8s. a-week.
     Never went to day-school; has been to day-school, and Sunday-school; can read t'Bible but not write so mich.
     Has worked in a coal-pit eight years, went in at six years old; used to rue to go in, does not rue now; was very hard work when he went in, and "I were nobbud* a right little one;" was not strong enough when he first went, had better have been a bit bigger; used to be very tired; has good health now; sleeps well, did not when first he went; "I waur ill tired;" has not always enough to eat, is never bout,† has always a bit; gets milk and porridge for breakfast, butter and cake for dinner, sometimes meat about once a week; tea and cake for supper, but not always as much as he could eat, that is when he is out of work; when he is in work gets enough to eat.
     Is never beaten.
     Never goes to church.
     Has no better clothes for Sundays.
     Lakes about on Sundays.
     Father in work; never gets drunk.


* "Nobbud," nought but, only. † Without.