Child Employment Commission, 1841:: James Stott


No. 13.- James Stott, aged 14 years.

     Earns 7s. 6d., 8s. or 9s. a-week. Father draws his wages.
Never went to day, night, or Sunday-school; can't read, would like to learn; does not go to Sunday-school because no clothes to go in; sometimes goes to church with his brother; comes to work at six o'clock; father calls him up, is ready to get up when called; sometimes feels sleepy when he goes into pit; does not stop for breakfast; gets porridge for breakfast before he sets off; does not stop for dinner; gets meat and cake for dinner very oft, butter and cake sometimes; goes home at night sometimes between five and six, sometimes four, sometimes after six; washes his hands and face when he gets home; is never pinched for meat; sleeps well; work is hard; is never worse for his work; is rested next morning.
Has worked six years, began at seven years old; work was hard then, did not like it so well; likes it better now; likes it very well now sometimes, sometimes not; it is waur sometimes than other some.
Is sometimes beaten by colliers, they sometimes hurt him; when he is a long while away out o't'hoile, they beat him, sometimes he tells the steward, and steward will send the colliers out; does not always like telling, because colliers would call him at after.
Sometimes lakes; cries oft enough, laughs a good deal oftener.

     Father is out of work, never gets drunk.