Child Employment Commission, 1841:: William Sucksmith


No. 7.- William Sucksmith, aged 14 years.

     Wages about 6s.
Went to school till thirteen; can read and can write a little, has just begun to go to night-school; then came to work; father a butcher, and rather well to do in the world; chose his own occupation, thought it was a nice job; would have liked a trade better, but could not go there without money; comes at half-past six in the morning; stops ten minutes or a quarter of an hour for breakfast, but does not leave the works; gets bread-and-butter and coffee or boiled milk; stops an hour for dinner, goes home for it; gets meat, potatoes, and pudding; stops at night at six, sometimes half-past five; does not live better than other boys in the forge.
Works night-work every other week, and then goes mornings to school; hours for night-work same as day; does not like night-work so very well; does not feel any difference in his health the weeks he works night-work; does not like it because he can't sleep so well in the day as at night; has no other reason.
Has very good health, sleeps well in the night, not so well in the day; mother calls him up mornings, wakes of himself at night; is tired at odd times, but not so ill as to hurt him; has good bed-clothes; washes hands and face every night (and morning when they have been working at night); always washes when he goes home to dinner; is never beaten; overlooker would turn away any man that beat him; would not be afraid of telling.

     Goes to church on Sunday, has good clothes to go in; part of the boys in the forge go to church, part not; part have not clothes to go in.