Wibsey Wesleyan Methodist, High Street::

Wibsey Wesleyan Methodist, High Street

Wibsey Wesleyan Methodists High Street

The Wesleyans built a Sunday School in School Lane in 1821 and eventually erected a chapel in Holroyd Hill in 1838.  In 1851 there was a schism in the society and as a result the building was ceded to the Wesleyan Reform movement and the Wesleyans returned to meeting in the old Sunday school at School Lane off the High Street.  They built a gothic style chapel in the High Street in 1870.  This building closed in 1970 and worship and other activities continue in the former redesigned Sunday school.  Sheltered housing at Ashdown Close off the High Street now stands on the site.

Early records for Wibsey Wesleyan Reform between 1838 and 1853 actually relate to the Wesleyans.

There is no graveyard