Child Employment Commission, 1841:: George Wilkinson


No. 18.- George Wilkinson, 13 years old :-

Went into pit at five years old.
What do you recollect about it? - They sent me to t' pit.
What did you do there? - Hurried coals.
Did you like it? - Nay, when I went at first I did not.
What for not? - It waur so ill.
What sort of ill? - Couldn't hurry.
Were you too little for your work? - Aye.
Tell me how you felt? - I can't.
You liked it? - Nay.
You like it now? - Aye.
What for now, when you did not like it then? - I ha' getten bigger now; I ha' learnt to hurry.
Are you tired now? - Nay.
Were you tired then? - Yea.
What makes the difference? - I can hurry a deal better now.