Child Employment Commission, 1841:: John Woodcock


No. 11. John Woodcock, aged 11 years.

     Wages 4s. a week.
(This witness gave contradictory statements about his age, time when he began to work, and time when he went to school, but apparently from the want of clear ideas, not from any wish to deceive.)
Can't write, can't read well; goes to work at six o'clock; mother calls him up; is ready to get up, is not sleepy when he gets up; stops a quarter of an hour for breakfast; gets tea and butter and cake, gets it in the forge, sister brings it; stops half an hour for dinner; gets meat and potatoes for dinner; sometimes goes home to dinner, sometimes not; washes his hands and face at dinner-time always; there is a wash-house in the forge for the boys; goes home at five o'clock; always washes his hands and face. Gets bacon and cake for supper, is never pinched for meat; it is not hard work he does; sleeps well; is not always tired when he goes to bed, is never very much tired; sometimes wants the doctor; has never colds; is sometimes beaten; his brother beat him this morning as he was going home; men never beat him; always tells forge-master if men are agate of him: forge master tells them he would dismiss them if they touch him.

Goes to church, only misses sometimes; has Sunday clothes; cries when his mother keeps agate of him, never cries when at his work; had rather be at the forge than out of it; is fond of being at the forge.