Wyke Board School, Infants Registers::

Children at Wyke Infants School between 1914-1918

The child fourth from the left on the front row is Vera Tordoff born in 1908 (Ref 1066 in Register)

Wyke Infants School Register

This Register of Admission, Progress and Withdrawal is now in the possession of the Wyke Local History Group and we are grateful for their co-operation in this transcription. It takes the form of a “Hull Register” printed by A Brown and Sons and was commenced 20th September 1895 as part of Wyke National School – Infants department, using the building at the top of Worthinghead Road.

It gives the date of admission to the school, the child's name and address and date of birth. A column headed 'Father's Christian name' also gives the option to put the Guardian's name followed by a G – but this has not usually been indicated.

Sometimes the last school is given if the child has transferred from somewhere else.

BC indicated that the Birth Certificate has been seen.

There is a column which indicates when the child left and the reason. There seems to have been a lot of coming and going and many children left and were re-admitted several times. Transferred indicates they went to the Junior school but we are unsure about “turned out” used in the early days of the school.

The handwriting is not as clear to read as one would expect from a teacher and some of it was very hard to make out.