Toad Lane Presbyterian, Bradford ::
This Presbyterian Chapel was in the centre of Bradford on Toad Lane. It later became a Unitarian Church and a large gothic style building was erected in 1869 and demolished in 1969.
Toad Lane was later called Chapel Lane. Before the extension to the Town Hall was built, Chapel Lane ran from Bridge Street to the bottom of Manchester Road.
We have transcribed a document which is itself a transcription. It is deposited in the Bradford branch of the WYAS under reference 30D81 and may have been done when the original registers were surrendered to the non-parochial registers following the commencement of General Registration in 1837.
The original registers can be found at the National Archives in RG4/1702, RG4/2372, RG4/2633. We have NOT as yet checked our transcript back to these.
Some of the Baptisms are noted in areas and we wonder if those marked Weebsea and Wibsea (Wibsey) were conduced in premises somewhere in Wibsey possibly at Chapel Fold and later entered in the Baptism Register at Toad Lane. When John Nelson and John Wesley, early Methodist preachers, came to Low Moor in 1747 they noted that many of the new converts had been Presbyterians.
The spelling of names and places leaves a great deal to be desired, but it is as if they have been spelled as they were spoken. So Ann Pyrah becomes An Py and Eccleshill is Hegelhill.
Have fun trying to decide what they really said!