Holy Trinity, Low Moor
Holy Trinity, Low Moor

The first church was built 1606 as a Chapel of Ease to St Peter’s in the Parish of Bradford.  For much of its earlier life it was known as “Wibsey Chapel” despite the fact that it is some distance from the village of Wibsey.  The site chosen is roughly equidistant from Royds Hall, the home of the Rookes, and Bierley Hall, the home of the Richardsons – local gentry families.  The church was consecrated to the Holy Trinity in 1636 and a small graveyard added

The church was enlarged and practically rebuilt by moving the walls further out and adding the belfry tower in 1836.  The church was re-pewed and several alterations made inside in 1855.  It was extended again in 1883 by the addition of vestries and the chancel enlarged.  This enlargement necessitated an encroachment on the graveyard.  Several gravestones had to be moved and coffins reburied.  These gravestones are now along the east wall.

The graveyard was extended in 1840, 1875 and again in the 1920’s. During the late 1970’s a car park was made from part of the graveyard and there began a tidying up of the yard and gravestones were re-used on paths and open areas.  Part of the graveyard is now a wildlife area

Wibsey eventually became a parish in its own right and the name of the parish was officially changed to Holy Trinity, Low Moor.

Baptisms & Burial records date from 1674.