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Wyke War Memorials



A fund was started for a War Memorial following the First World War, but not enough was raised, and so the money was used to fund an old folks treat for some years.



Lower Wyke Moravians

The list comes from a framed Roll of Honour scroll with the addition of the bottom name which is from the Second World War. All those killed in action also appear on a plaque in the church .


Year Rank Name Surname Regiment Status
1914 Pte Charles Edward LEE D.W.W.R KIA
1914 L/Cpl Herbert ASPINALL W.R KIA
1914 Gnr W.E. FIRTH R.F.A  
1914 Sgt Edw HEALEY R.A.M.C  
1914 Corpl. Geo S YEADON R.A.S  
1914 Sgt J. MACK R.E.  
1915 Pte Hubert R Rowland HAMMOND 9th Suff KIA
1915 Bomb. E. SUGDEN R.F.A.  
1915 Pte J. H. CREWE    
1915 Pte F GREENWOOD R.A.M.C  
1915 Gnr W. HOLMES R.T.A  
1915 Pte T. LOCKWOOD W.Y  
1915 Pte H. PINDER R.A.M.C  
1916 Driver Fred WISEMAN R.F.A. KIA
1916 Cpl W ASPINALL W.R  
1916 Pte F.O ANSON R Scots  
1916 Pte Edw DYSON N.F  
1916 Corp A CAMERON H.A.C  
1916 2nd Lt N GRAHAM 5th. Worcts  
1916 Pte L WHITEHEAD A.S.C  
1916 Pte A STOTT D.LI  
1916 Pte Richard GREENWOOD D.W.W.R KIA
1916 Gnr W RASTRICK R.F.A  
1916 Gnr Geo A FAIRBURN R.F.A  
1916 Signal O HIRST E.Y  
1916 Gnr H ROOME R.F.A.  
1916 Pte M.E. HANSON N. Staffs  
1916 Pte L STOTT D.W.W.R  
1917 Pte Hy RASTRICK K.O.Y.L.I.  
1917 Pte M BROOK Y.I.L  
1917 Signal Ww HARVEY Leic. Reg. POW
1917 Pte Arthur NAYLOR W.Y KIA
1917 Pte Sam BAILEY E Kents KIA
1917 Pte. A BAILEY L Comp  
1917 Pte J.E WISEMAN M.G. C  
1917 Pte A E HOLMES R.E  
1917 Pte A EASTWOOD M.G.C  
1917 Pte H BIRD R.A.F  
1917 Pte Edward CLEGG D.L.I KIA
1917 Gnr W INGHAM R.F.A  
1918 Pte H DRAKE A.P.C  
1918 Pte D. SUTCLIFFE N.A.S  
1918 Pte C WESTON W.Y  
1918 Pte H H INGHAM 53rd W.Y  
1918 Ord. Seaman A BOUGHTON    
1939/45   Willie Jenkins   KIA