St Mary's, Wyke: Grave Book


There are 3264 entries in the grave book. The entries appear here in their original order. The book is split into four sections here due to the large amount of data.

There is a fiche copy of the Grave Book at WYAS reference .....(to be confirmed) but the original is still in use at the church.

The Grave Book is a large volume which has at the front an index with pages for each letter A to Z. It is not very comprehensive and we have ignored it. Each page is ruled into columns giving date of burial, name, age and address. The page is divided horizontally into seven sections each with a preprinted number. At the beginning there is an A at the top of each page and we have used this as a prefix. At number 60 this system stops and B is used as a prefix and numbering begins again with 1. From then on the numbers are crossed out and prefixes up to H are employed. At what should have been entry 317 a new numbering system starts called Wall Row. At entry 340 numbering commences again in the New Ground. This is very haphazard and there are often A and B graves. Numbers are not always in strict numerical order.

The book is often a real mess and very difficult to read. Some graves just have a persons name against them and nothing else to indicate if this was a burial or the name of the person who had bought the grave. We have tried to interpret what was intended, but as usual we recommend you to consult the original if you have any doubts.

We went through each entry and tried to match it up to an entry in the Burial Register. The Grave Book commences with entries in 1880 and initially not many burials have a corresponding grave reference. Often entries in the Grave Book were vague and there was not an exact match, so using clues such as dates, addresses and plot numbers we have made suggestions. In such instances we have inserted a P for presumed. There may have been another Grave Book in use before the one we have indexed, but if so, it has not survived either at the church or in the archives.

Often there was additional information in the Grave Book not in the Burial Registers and you will find this in the Grave Book (GB) Notes column. Also in this column are any discrepancies from the Burial Registers such as the spelling of a name or a different address. Often the place of death, if it did not take place at home is given. Usually this is the name of a hospital but you may find the following list of council nursing homes and homes for the elderly useful.

Bierley Hall
Blankney Grange (pre WWII a private residence)
Bradford Workhouse later St Luke's Hospital
Clayton Workhouse later Thornton View
Heaton Royd
High Gate Road, Clayton - same as Thornton View
High Royds, Menston (an Asylum)
Shirley Manor (pre WWII a private residence)
Stoney Ridge
The Park
Thornton View

We have used the folowing prefixes to identify which part of the yard the graves are in.
A-H are in the Old Yard
NG are in the New Yard and appear in the Grave Book without the NG prefix
PBCES = Centre path behind church, east side of path - graves of small children listed under U in the index pages
PBCWS = Centre path behind church, west side of path - graves of small children listed under U in the index pages
SPBG = Mr Sharp's Shirley Manor Private Burial Ground - listed on the last page of the book
WR = Wall Row - list commences at what should be entry number 317

Also, in the headings BB stands for Burial Book and GB for Grave Book

There is a plan of the yard in the Archives at Bradford ref BDP101/3/2. The plan is before the Car Park and Church Extension was added and some graves re-located.