Holy Trinity, Low Moor: Burials

  • 1819 Land to the West bought
  • 1840 Land bought from John Tordoff
  • 1875 Land (Section C) bought from the Low Moor Co.
  • 1913 Section E was added



Holy Trinity has an extensive graveyard. It has been added to on several occasions.
To give a simplified history, the original burial ground was just about the church, except to the north of the building. When the Car Park was added, some graves were moved to form paths - the grey areas. The yard was extended in 1819, 1840, 1875, and 1913

Most of the Burial Registers give no indication where a grave is located or if it is full. However, when section C was added, a separate register was started, which ran concurrently with other registers (some not yet transcribed) and only burials for section C were made in this register. A grave reference was usually quoted.

When section E was added in 1913 the back of the register which began in 1876 was used for burials in this part of the yard. A grave reference was usually quoted. The entries worked forward until they met those of sections D, A and B in 1941!

So as a rough guide, burials in section C will be found in a separate book,
burials in Section E up to 1941 will be found at the back of the main register but appear here as a separate section.

The references for these record at Bradford Archives is BDP66/1/4/2 for 1838 to 1855 and BDP66/1/4/3 for 1855 to 1876. BDP66/1/4/4 1876 to 1942.

They can also be viewed at Bradford Central Library Local Studies Section.

The separate Burial Register for Section C covers the years 1875 to 1992 and ran concurrently with other registers for the rest of the yard.

The reference for these records at Bradford Archives is BDP66/1/4/5. They can also be viewed at Bradford Central Library 5th Floor Local Studies Section.
To find a grave:

Section C
Row B is next to the east wall of the yard at the right of the plan and rows C, D etc follow in the direction of the church.
Graves are numbered from north to south, so number 1 is next to the north wall of the yard

Section A
Row 16 is against the wall on Cleckheaton Road and row 1 is to the right as you come from the gate opposite the vicarage.
The grave numbers are very eccentric. By the bottom wall some rows start with 03,02,01,1,2,etc up to 40 by the Park House Road Wall.
We have found a hand drawn plan which we hope to make available later when we have done some checking.