Memorial I 1914-1919

These names are men who died in the First World War
The list is taken from names engraved on the entrance gates to the church. Some of the names have what appears like a number 3 with a line through it next to them. It seems to bracket together members of the same family. The names are arranged in two sections on either side of the gates.

Bracketted Initial Surname Address
  A Barker  
  G Barker  
  P Bateman  
  S Bottomley  
  J Bradford  
  E Briggs .
  O K Briggs  
3 H Broadbent  
3 J W Broadbent  
  E Brown .
  G Brown  
  H Broxup  
  L Butterfield  
  A Bywater  
  A Carter  
  R M Christie .
  W Clegg  
  S Cockcroft  
  F Cook  
  A E Cragg  
  A Craven .
  W Deacon  
  A Emmett  
  W D Goode  
  A Graham  
  A Green  
  L V Greenough .
  C Hanson  
3 A Hardy  
3 L Hardy  
3 W Hardy  
  E Helliwell  
  H Holdsworth .
  R Holdsworth  
  D J Horner  
3 A Horsley  
3 H Horsley .
  L Hudson  
  W Illingworth  
  C Mc Bride  
  A Mitchell  
  F Mitchell .
  R Mitchell  
  W H Mitchell  
  W Nelson  
  J H Newell  
  J Normington  
  D Oates .
  A Oddy  
  J Padgett  
  A Pearson .
  G E Petty  
  H E Pollard  
  L Pollard  
  H Poole  
  E Priestley .
  W Priestley  
  T Radcliffe  
  H Redman  
  J Rhodes  
  B Riley .
  S Robinson  
  R W Savage  
  F Schofield .
  D W Seed  
  H Slater  
  J W Smith  
  W Smith Mayo Ave
  W Smith Sunnybank Ave
  J Speight  
  E Spencer  
  J Sutcliffe  
  H Sykes  
  H W Taylor .
  R Taylor  
  S Taylor  
  C Thompson  
  J H Thompson  
  W Thompson .
  H Thornton  
  W Thornton  
  J Tordoff  
  N Tordoff  
  E H Wadsworth .
  S Warbrick  
  Ronald Wilkinson  
  Rufus Wilkinson  
  C Wilman  
  H Wilson Sunnybank Ave
  H Wilson Carr Top
  A Wimpenny  
  A E Windsor  
  H M Wood  
  E Wrathall .