Memorial II 1939-1945

These names are men who died in the Second World War .
The 1939-1945 names are in two sections below the First World War names. These names are near to the pavement and in some cases are badly eroded.

Initial Surname
H R Anthony
H Barraclough
J Bartle
G W Bell
B R Bowdin
A R Calvert
W Crabtree
H Craven
E G Curtis
R Dawber
E Garside
J Hainsworth
S Harrison
H E Heptinstall
A Hillam
J Hoyle
S Jackson
J L Johnson
H Lister
B C W Milns
J North
E O Hara
J H Pearson
B Prendergast
S Ratcliffe
J Redman
G Robinson
A L Smith
L? Smith
L? Stocks
? Sunderland
L Symmonds
W Symmonds
Harold Taylor
J Tordoff
H Turner
? Wardman
H J? Wardman
W E Whitehead
J Wilson