Served Page

From the Memorial Souvenir Book page 66 to 70 lists 512 men from the Parish who served in the war. The text hints that there may have been more.

Rank Initials Surname Details Notes
Corpl. T. Adams 2nd W.R.B., R.F.A.  
Gunner H Allatt R.F.A.  
Pte. H. Allinson West Yorks. Regt.  
A.B. A. Ambler HMS “Princess Royal”  
  E. Ambler Royal Naval Division HMS “Princess Royal”  
Pte. L. Armitage West Yorks.  
Pte. G.W. Ashworth R.A.M.C.  
  W. Ashworth Yorkshire Dragoons Discharged
Pte. J. Atha A.S.C.  
Pte. A. Atkinson 16th West Yorks.  
Pioneer L. Baker R.C.C., R.E.  
Gunner A. Baldwin R.F.A.  
  J. Bandick A.V.C.  
Lce.-Sergt. A. Barker Not given  
Lce.-Corpl. A. Barker N.F.  
  A. Barker Tyneside Scottish  
Pte. C. Barker D.L.I.  
Pte. F. Barker Not given  
Signaller F. Barker 9th Duke of W’s.  
Pte. J. Barker Duke of Wellington’s Awarded Military Medal
Lce.-Corpl. J.W. Barker A.E.C.  
Pte. F. Barraclough Duke of Wellington’s  
  J.A. Barraclough R.F.A.  
Gunner R. Barraclough R.G.A.  
  T.R. Barraclough 2/7th Duke of W’s.  
Pte.   Barran Not given  
Pte. J. Bartle West Yorks.  
Gunner N. Bastow R.F.A.  
Pte. W. Bates Durham Light Infantry  
  A. Bateman Royal Naval Division  
Pte. A. Bateson West Yorks.  
    Baxendall 1/4th Cameron Highlanders Discharged
Pte. J. Beanland 18th West Yorks. Prisoner of War
Stoker W. Beeby HMS “Roxburgh”  
  T. Bell 17th D.L.I.  
Pte. A. Benn N.F. Cycle Corps.  
Pte. J.C. Benn Yorks. and Lancs.  
Pte. C. Berry R.G.A.  
  F. Berry A.O.C.  
Corpl. George Berry 9th West Yorks. Hussars  
Pte. W. Berry R.A.M.C.  
Pte. H. Beswick 8th Duke of Wellington’s  
  W. Beswick Not given Prisoner of War
Gunner H.V. Binns R.G.A.  
Pte. J.H. Binns 46th Labour Co.  
Gunner A. Birkby Royal Horse Artillery  
Pte. H. Blowers 7th Oxford and Bucks. Light Infantry  
Pte. A. Bolton 4th Cameron Highlanders  
  M. Bolton H.M.S. “Caroline”  
Driver A. Bottomley R.F.A.  
Pte. E. Bottomley West Yorks.  
Sapper F.K. Bottomley R.E. .
Pte. G. Bottomley 1st North Stafford  
Pte. S. Bottomley Motor Transport  
  R.T. Bowden Royal Naval Division  
Pte. M. Boyes R.G.A.  
    Bradley Not given  
  H. Brayshaw Motor Transport  
  W. Bretherich 2nd W.R.B., R.F.A. Discharged
Fitter Gunner G.S. Brewer R.G.A.  
Sergt. L. Breakes 16th West Yorks.  
Gunner W.H. Breakes R.F.A.  
Corpl. A. Briggs 2nd W.R.B., R.F.A. Discharged
  C. Briggs 3/4th Seaforth Highlanders Discharged
Pte. E. Briggs Not given  
Lieut. O. Briggs R.F.A.  
Pte. J.W. Broadbent Northumberland Fusiliers Missing
Gunner M. Broadbent R.G.A.  
Pte. H. Brook R.A.M.C.  
  H.H. Brook 2nd W.R.B., R.F.A.  
  G. Brown 16th West Yorks.  
Rifleman H. Broxup King’s Royal Rifles Missing
  T. Broxup 21st West Yorks.  
  H. Bubear 9th Lancers Discharged
Pte. W.E. Burke 26th Manchester Regt.  
Pte. E. Burnett R.F.A. Siege School  
Lce.-Corpl. W. Burns R.A.M.C.  
Pte. W. Bywater Northumberland Fusiliers  
  A. Carter Not given Missing
Pte. S. Calloway A.S.C.  
  E. Carlisle Not given  
L.F.C. G.M. Clark R.N.  
Pte. E. Clegg Royal Berks.  
Pte. W. Clegg 1/16th West Riding  
2nd Lieut. F.H. Cockcroft 43rd Yorks. and Lancs.  
Pte. G.N. Cockcroft 104th Trench Mortar Battery  
Pte. J.J. Cockroft 3rd East Yorks. Regt.  
  J. Cockcroft Brisbane, Queensland Discharged
Gunner B. Cooper R.F.A.  
Gunner F. Cooper R.G.A.  
Pte. G. Cooper M.I.A.S.C.  
  W. Cooper Duke of Wellington’s  
O.S. H. Cordingley Royal Naval Barracks .
A.B. H. Cordingley H.M.S. “King Orrey”  
Signaller A.E. Cragg Signal Section  
Sergt. J.S. Cragg R.F.C.  
Pte. A. Craven 1/16th West Riding  
  J.W. Craven Duke of Wellington’s .
Pte. J.W. Craven Duke of Wellington’s  
  J.W. Crossley 6th West Yorks.  
Gunner W. Culley R.F.A.  
Pte. J.H. Culpan R.A.M.C. .
Pte. W. Cursley 18th West Yorks.  
Pte. E. Dalby K.O.Y.L.I.  
Pte. A. Dashy T.R.B.  
Gunner H. Dawson H.M.S. “Centurion”  
Sergt. W. Davies R.F.A. .
Pte. W. Davies A.O.C.  
Pte. N. Day Northumberland Fusiliers  
Pte. J. Dean 5th West Yorks.  
  A. Dean Not given .
  J. Dean 5th West Yorks.  
  W. Dean Not given  
Pte. J.M. Deacon 3rd West Yorks.  
Driver W. Deacon M.G. Co.  
  M. Dennison Canadian Engineers  
Lce.-Corpl. W. Dennison 18th W. Yorks.  
Sapper W. Dinsdale R.E. .
Pte. F. Dobson 17th Army Corps.  
Sapper W. Dodsworth Canadian Railway Troops  
Driver C.R. Dover Royal Engineers  
Pte. B. Dower Northumberland Fusiliers .
Pte. J. Dowson 1st Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. A. Dracup 6th Yorks. and Lancs.  
Pte. H. Dracup Yorks. and Lancs.  
Pte. C.S. Dudrden A.S.C.M.T.  
  M. Dunwell 18th West Yorks.  
Driver A.H. Eade T.T.S., A.S.C.  
Gunner C.A. Elliot 47th Siege Battery  
Pte. H. Ellis Labour Corps. .
  J.H. Ellis Royal Navy  
Pte. V. Emsley 2/4th N.F.A.D.C.  
Gunner D. Evens 1st Canadian Howitzer Batt.  
Pte. G.W. Farrar 22nd C.C.S.  
O.S. F. Fernside R.N.  
Pte. H. Fieldhouse A.S.C. .
Sergt. R. Fieldhouse M.T., A.S.C.  
2nd A.M. A. Fieldhouse R.F.C.  
Pte. E.P. Firth 18th West Yorks.  
Pte. R. Firth D.L.I.  
Pte. B.C. Fleetwood 85th T.R.B.  
Sapper A.W. Fletcher Royal Engineers  
Cyclist J.A. Fletcher Warwickshire Yeomanry .
Pte. W. Ford 37th Works Co.  
Seaman J.P. Foster H.M.S.  
Pte. A. Gardner T.R.B.  
Pte. T. Gardner K.O.Y.L.I.  
Driver F. Garner 79 S.A.A. Column .
Signaller G. Garner R.D.C.  
Pte. E. Garside 1/6 Duke of Wellington’s  
Lce.-Corpl. T. Giblin R.E.  
Bomb. A. Gibson W.R.B., R.F.A.  
Lce.-Corpl. H. Gibson West Yorks. Two Certificates of Merit
Lce.Cpl.   Gledhill 16th West Yorks. Discharged
  J. Gledhill R.A.M.C.  
Sergt. G.F. Goode Yorks. Regt.  
Capt. and Adjt. F.V. Goode Berks. Regt.  
Lce.Corpl. L.B. Goode 517 Employment Co.  
Capt. A nd Adjt. T.C. Goode Somerset Light Infantry .
Gunner G. Goodwin R.F.A.  
  A. Graham 3rd W.R.B. Duke of W.’s  
Air Mech. W.E. Grant R.F.C.  
Staff-Sergt. A.E. Gray E.F. Canteen 502  
  A. Green Royal Scots Guards Missing
Pte. L. Greenough 1/1 Bucks. Battalion  
Pte. N. Greenough 18th West Yorks. R.  
  H. Greenroyd 2nd W.R.B., R.F.A. Discharged
Pte. W. Greenroyd 243 Machine Gun Corps.  
  E. Greenwood 16th West Yorks.  
Pte. C. Greenwood R.F.A.  
Pte. A. Grundrill 3rd East Lancs. Regt. Discharged
Gunner W. Grundrill R.F.A.  
Pte. J. Hainsworth 53rd West Yorks. T.S., Y.L.I.  
Pte. J.E. Hainsworth Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. A. Hanson Labour Batt. .
Gunner C. Hanson S.S. “Hilda Lea”  
Pte. E. Hanson West Yorks. Regt.  
  E. Hanson 2nd W.R.B., R.F.A.  
Pte. F. Hanson Yorkshire Regiment  
Pte. H. Hanson 5th West Yorks.  
  H. Hanson R.G.A. Discharged
Gunner J. Hanson S.S. “Hilda Lea”  
Gunner J. Hardaker R.G.A.  
Gunner J.W. Hardaker R.G.A.  
Pte. G.E. Hardy 1/4th West Riding  
  J. Hardy 2nd West Yorks. .
Pte. J.S. Hardy A.P.C.  
Sergt. J.M. Hardy American Horse Regt. .
Pte. R. Hardy A.S.C.  
Pte. T. Hardy Notts. Hussars  
2nd A.M. T.R. Harper R.F.C.  
  A. Harrison 3rd Duke of Wellington’s .
Pte. F. Harrison Duke of Wellington’s  
Gunner J.M. Harrison S.S. “Chilier”  
Lce.-Corpl. P.W. Hartop K.O.Y.L.I.  
Pte. F. Helliwell National Reserves .
  H. Hemmingway 3/4th Cameron Highlanders  
  F. Herrott 2/6th West Yorks.  
Pte. T.B. Hildred Yorks. and Lancs.  
Pte. S. Hiley Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. A. Hill Not given Discharged
Pte. C. Hill Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. F. Hill Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. G.W. Hill Royal North Lancs.  
  James Hill Royal Warwick Regt.  
Pte. F. Hillam 2/7th West Riding, Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. A. Hinchliffe A.S.C. .
Driver R. Hinchliffe R.F.A.  
Driver A. Hindle A.S.C.  
  A. Hodgson Not given  
Sergt. W. Holden 16th West Yorks.  
    Hollingworth Not given .
Pte. E. Holdsworth Yorks. and Lancs.  
Pte. J. Holden R.G.A.  
Pte. J.H. Holdsworth 125th Labour Co.  
Wireless Operator Richard Holdsworth H.M.S. “Achilles” .
A.B. T. Holdsworth H.M.S. “Mann”  
Pte. A. Holgate P.O.W.G.  
  E. Holmes 18th West Yorks. Discharged
Pte. W. Holmes D.L.I.  
Pte. O. Holroyd 31st Labour Co.  
  J.A. Holt R.N.D.  
Pte. J. Hopkinson R.A.M.C.  
Pte. J. Horne 1/6th West Yorks. Discharged
Pte. C.H. Horsley R.G.A.  
  F.E. Horsley Yorkshire Dragoons  
Pte. H. Horsley 19th Army Vet. Hospital  
Pte. H. Horsley Lancashire Fusiliers .
Pte. O. Horsley 9th Duke of Wellington’s  
Lce.-Corpl. T. Horsley 9th Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. W. Horsley 4th Duke of Wellington’s  
  D.J. Horner R.G.A.  
    Howard Not given  
Pte. J. Howard 5th Northern N.C.C. .
  B.H. Huckle A.S.C.  
Gunner A.E. Hudson 216 Brigade R.F.A.  
Pte. J.C. Hudson 1st Canadian Labour Batt.  
Lce.-Corpl. J. Hudson 2/5th West Yorks.  
Driver L. Hudson R.F.A. .
Pte. W. Illingworth A.S.C.  
Pte. B. Ineson Highland Light InfantryiHiH  
Driver H. Ingham 53rd Battery  
Sapper A. Jackson R.E.  
Pioneer W. Jackson Royal Engineers .
Bomb. C. Jagger R.F.A.  
Sea Scout N. Jagger Not given  
Pte. S.G. Jeffs. 18th West Yorks.  
  W.E. Jewell R.F.C.  
Pte. G. Johnson Inniskilling Fusiliers  
Pte. G.A. Jones 250 Machine G.C.  
Pte. F. Jowett Duke of Wellington’s  
Sapper J.H. Jowett R.E.  
Driver H.V. Kaye R.F.A. .
Pte. A.F. Kellett D.L.I.  
Sergt. A. Kershaw 9th Royal Warwicks  
Bomb. A. Kershaw Army Field Artillery  
Pte. A. Knowles M.G.C.  
Rifleman E. Knowles 13th Batt. K.R.R.  
Pte. E. Lancaster Duke of Wellington’s .
Pte. W. Lancaster R.G.A.  
Pte. W. Laycock West Yorks.  
Pte. A. Layton 6th Duke of Wellington’s  
Gunner J.A. Leach R.G.A.  
  A. Lee A.S.C.  
Pte. A.C. Lee 9th Glasgow Highlanders .
Pte. E. Lightowler 52nd D.L.I.  
Pte. E.C. Lightowler East Lancashire  
  Frank Lightowler R.N.D. .
A.B. H. Lightowler H.M.S. “Duke of Edinburgh”  
Pte. J. Lightowler West Yorks.  
Sergt. J.E. Lightowler A.V.C.  
Pte. M. Lightowler Yorks.  
2nd Air Mech. W.N. Lightowler R.F.C.  
Pte. F. Lindley 2/7th Royal Scots. .
Pte. G.M. Linford A.S.C. Motor Trans.  
  A. Lister R.A.M.C.  
Lce.-Corpl. C.H. Lister L.T.S.D.O.  
Sapper H. Lister R.E.  
Signaller R. Lister 18th West Yorks.  
S.S. H. Lofthouse D Howitzer Batt. .
Pte. T. Longbottom 8th East Yorks.  
Pte. H.A. Longdin R.A.M.C.  
Pte. A. Lynch D.L.I. Discharged
Pte. J.H. Lynch A.S.C.  
Bomb. W.S. Lynch R.H.A.  
Pte. A. Lumb West Yorks.  
Signaller A. Lumb 10th West Yorks.  
Driver F. Lumb R.F.A. .
Pte. W. Lusby 1st Welsh  
Pte. H. Mann Northumberland Fusiliers  
Pte.   Marshbank R.F.C.  
Driver E. Marsden R.G.A.  
Pte. A.H. Mason 1st West Yorks.  
Signaller T. McCurley 2/6th West Yorks.  
Sergt. J. McCurley National Reserve .
  A.F. McDonough Royal Engineers  
Sergt. A.F. McDonough R.E.  
  S. Metcalf Yorks. Dragoons  
Pte. H. Middleton R.N.V.R. Discharged
Pte. W. Middleton Duke of Wellington’s  
Bomb. A. Millson 1st Reserve R.F.A.  
Pte. A. Mitchell 3rd East Yorks.  
Sapper E. Mitchell R.E.  
Gunner F. Mitchell R.F.A.  
Pte. H. Mitchell R.A.M.C.  
Pte. H. Mitchell R.A.M.C. .
A.B. W.H. Mitchell H.M.S. “Nessus”  
Signaller A. Mitton K.O.Y.L.I.  
Pte. F. Mitton Labour Co.  
Pte. H. Mitton 21st West Yorks.  
A.B. W.E. Moon H.M.S. “Obdurate” .
Pte. F. Moorhouse R.E.  
  G.W. Moorhouse R.F.C.  
Pte. H. Moorhouse Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. G.A. Moreton 9th Cheshire  
1st Air A.H. Muff R.F.C. .
Pte. A.W. Muff R.A.M.C.  
Pte. M.G. Muff 2/6th Northumberland Fusiliers  
Pte. N. Muff Northumberland Fusiliers  
Pte. T. Muff R.A.M.C.  
  A.L. Naylor Northumberland Fusiliers  
  F. Naylor Not given  
Gunner J.W. Naylor 17th Trench Mortar Battery .
  S. Newby Not given  
  James Newell R.F.C.  
Sapper E. Nicholl Not given  
Pte. P. Nicholson Northumberland Fus.  
Pte. J.W. Nicklin K.O.Y.L.I.  
Gunner M. North R.F.A.  
  H. North Northumberland Fusiliers  
Pte. R.J. Northin 2nd Duke of W’s Prisoner of War
Sergt. E.W. Northrop R.F.C.  
A.B. A. Oddy Royal Naval Division  
Dispatch Rider J.S. Ogden R.F.C.  
  H. Ormanroyd 6th W.R.B.  
  W. Ormanroyd R.F.C. .
Pte. O.I. Osborn 8th North Staffs. Regt.  
Sergt. C. Padgett 1/6th West Yorks. Regt.  
Gunner E. Parkinson R.G.A.  
Bomb. F. Peachey R.F.A. .
Pte. E. Pearson West Yorks.  
Pte. H. Pearson West Yorks.  
A.B. H. Pearson H.M.S. “Courageous”  
Pte. C. Peel D.L.I.  
Signaller G.E. Petty 6th West Yorks. Missing
  F. Petty 6th West Yorks.  
Signaller Wm. Philpot 18th West Yorks.  
  A. Pickles R.F.A.  
Bomb. C. Pickles R.F.A.  
  H. Pickles A.S.C.  
Pte. N. Pickles M.T., A.S.C.  
  Richard Piddington Not given .
  A. Pitman 6th West Yorks.  
  W. Pitman M.M.G. Section  
Gunner J. Pollard R.F.A.  
Pte. J.E. Presgrave 10th West Yorks.  
Gunner F. Priestley H.M.S. “Excellent” .
Pte. E. Priestley K.O.S.B.  
Pte. E. Priestley K.O.S.B.  
Pte. J. Priestley A.V.C.  
Pte. W. Priestley Worcester Regt.  
R.T.L. M.T. Radcliffe 1/7th West Yorks.  
Sergt.-Major W.L. Redding R.F.A.  
Pte. J.A. Rhodes 53rd West Yorks. Regt.  
Gunner S. Riley R.F.A. .
Corpl. E.P. Ripley 6th West Yorks.  
Pte. A. Robson Green Howards  
Pte. H. Robson T.R.B.  
Rifleman H. Robinson King’s Royal Rifles  
Pte. A. Rushfirth 2nd Duke of Well’ton’s Discharged
Driver H. Rushfirth W.R.B. R.F.A.  
  P. Sargent 146th Infantry Brigade  
Gunner W. Scarborough R.G.A.  
Pte. F. Schofield Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. F. Schofield Northumberland Fusiliers  
Pte. G.C. Scott R.A.M.C.  
  J.B. Scott 1st Garrison Reserve K.O.Y.L.I. .
Sgt. H. Scurrah N.F.  
Sgt. N.A. Scurrah R.A.F.  
Bombr. R.E. Scurrah R.G.A.  
  D.W. Seed Motor Transport  
Drummer H. Seed 52nd Notts. and Derby Batt.  
  H. Shackleton 6th West Yorks. .
Gunner A. Shaw R.K.F., R.F.A.  
Gunner E. Shaw R.G.A.  
Gunner H. Shaw R.G.A.  
Pte. C. Shields M.G.C.  
Pte. J.H. Shields W.R. Duke of W’s  
Corpl. T. Shields 7th West Yorks. Discharged
Sapper E. Shepard R.E.  
Pte. T. Shepard Attached Moveable Armaments  
  H.H. Silson 16th West Yorks.  
Pte. A. Simpson Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. A. Sladen Not given  
Pte. E. Slater Northumberland Fusiliers  
Lce.-Corpl. H. Slater Duke of Well’ton’s Awarded Military Medal
Pte. M. Slater 5th Reserve West Yorks.  
Pte. A. Smith 1st Garrison Batt., Yorks. Regt.  
Sergt. C. Smith 1/6th West Yorks. Awarded Military Medal
Bomb. E. Smith R.F.A.  
  F.L. Smith 4th W.R., Attached R.E.  
  G. Smith East Surrey Regt.  
Pte. H. Smith 53 T.L.I.  
  H.W. Smith 6th West Yorks.  
Pte. I. Smith 54th Labour Batt.  
Pte. M.C. Smith Seaforth Highlanders  
Pte. N. Smith 7th W.R. Duke of W’s  
Pte. F. Speight R.A.M.C. .
Pte. J. Speight 9th Duke of Wellinhgton’s  
Pte. E. Spencer Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. J.A. Spencer Duke of Wellington’s  
  A. Stainthorpe H.M.S. “Manby”  
  G. Stansfield Civilian Prisoner of War
Sapper H. Stansfield R.E.  
Bugler J. Stansfield Not given  
A.B. E. Stephenson Royal Navy  
Pte. R.H. Stevens 1/5th Duke of W’s  
  H. Stevenson Royal Naval Division  
  F. Stones Royal Naval Division  
Corpl. H. Stones 21st West Yorks. .
Pte. S. Sugden Duke of Wellington’s  
  D. Summersgill R.F.A.  
Pte. E. Sunderland 8th Batt. Yorks. Regt.  
  J.H. Sutcliffe R.F.C.  
  R. Sutcliffe 5th King’s Own Lancaster’s  
Pte. F. Sykes 575 Labour Co.  
2nd Lieut. H.C. Sykes Border Regt. Awarded Military Cross
Pte. P. Sykes R.A.M.C.  
Gunner T. Sykes R.F.A.  
  W.E. Sykes 6th West Yorks. .
  W. Tatham Not given  
  E. Taylor 18th West Yorks.  
  G. Taylor Seaforth Highlanders  
Pte. H. Taylor 743 Area Employment Corps.  
Pte. R. Taylor 6th West Yorks.  
Corpl. T. Tempest A.R.S., R.F.C.  
Pte. J.W. Tetlow 3rd Duke of Well’ton’s  
Driver C. Thompson R.F.A.  
Pte. A. Thornton R.D.C. .
  E. Thornton 6th West Yorks.  
1st Air Mech. E.A. Thornton R.F.C.  
Pte. H. Thornton 16th West Yorks.  
Pte. S. Thornton 8th North Staffords.  
Driver W. Thornton R.F.A.  
    Thornton Not given  
Corpl. H. Throp 6th Reserve D. of W’s. .
Gunner R.C. Tindall R.F.A.  
Pte. H. Tordoff K.O.Y.L.I.  
Pte. H. Tordoff R.E. Labour Batt.  
  H. Tordoff 2/4th Northumberland Fus.  
Pte. J. Tordoff Not given Missing
Pte. L. Tordoff Labour Batt.  
Pte. N. Tordoff Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. H.D. Waddington G.B., K.O.Y.L.I.  
Pte. T. Waddington K.O.Y.L.I.  
  F. Walker M.G.C.  
Sapper G.H. Walker R.E.  
Pte. H. Walker West Yorks. Discharged
Gunner H. Walker R.G.A., A.A.S.  
Pte. J. Walker 9th D.L.I.  
  R.A. Walker R.F.C.  
Pte. W. Walker 85th Training Reserve  
Gunner J.H. Watson R.F.A.  
Pte. H. Watson Pals. Discharged
Pte. L. Watson Machine Gun Corps.  
Pte. C.W. Wells 8th Northumberland Fusiliers  
  E.L. Wells 1st W.R.D. Ammunition Column  
Corpl. L. Wells R.F.A. .
Pte. R.H. Wensley Northumberland Fusiliers  
Pte. A. Wentworth M.G.C.  
Corpl. H.P. Whitehead 21st King’s Royal Rifles  
Pte. G.A. Whiteley Durham Lt. Infantry  
Gunner W. Whiteoak R.F.A.  
  A. Wilkinson 2nd W.R.B., R.F.A.  
Pte. J. Wilkinson 105th M.G. Corps.  
Pte. J.E. Wilkinson 13th Hussars  
Pte. R. Wilkinson 2/7th Duke of W’s  
Gunner R. Wilkinson R.G.A. .
  S. Wilkinson 16th West Yorks.  
Corpl. W. Wilkinson 21st West Yorks.  
Pte. G.H. Willan R.F.C.  
Sapper A.S. Wilman R.E.  
Gunner A. Wilson R.F.A. .
Pte. A. Wilson A.P.C.  
Shoeing Smith F. Wilson R.F.A.  
Rifleman H. Wilson Queen Victoria Rifles  
Pte. T. Wilson D.L.I. .
Gunner T. Wilson R.G.A.  
Pte. V. Wilson T.R.B.  
  A. Wimpenny 2/7th West Riding  
Pte. F. Windsor R.F.A.  
Pte. H. Windsor R.A.M.C. Discharged
  F. Wood Royal Naval Division  
  W.E. Wood Not given  
Pte. A. Woodhead 4th Duke of Well’ton’s Discharged
Pte. F. Woodhouse Royal Fusiliers  
Gunner H. Woodhead R.F.A.  
Gunner H. Woodhead R.G.A.  
Gunner H. Woodhead 67th D.A.S.T. .
Pte. J. Woodhead 1st Tyneside Scottish  
  L. Woodhead 2nd W.R.B., R.F.A.  
Pte. L. Woodhead 85th T.R.B.  
Pte. T. Worsman Royal Scottish Discharged
Pte. T. Worsnop 10th Northumberland Fusiliers  
Pte. E. Wrathall T.R.B.  
  A. Wright 7th West Yorks.  
Pte. A. Wright 7th West Yorks. Discharged
Pte. F. Wright Duke of Wellington’s  
Pte. F. Wright Northumberland Fusiliers  
Lce.-Corpl. F. Wright 13th Officers’ Cadet Battalion  
Air Mech. G. Wright R.N.A.S.  
Pte. H. Wright Princess of Wales Yorkshire Regiment .